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Research interest

  • Primary care organisation and services: contribution of group practices, patient care pathways, links between primary care and hospital
  • Occupational health, working conditions, occupational injuries, occupational illnesses, musculoskeletal disorders

Current research


Experience Rating, Incidence of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Related Absences
Results from a Natural Experiment

Lengagne P., Afrite A. (Irdes)
Working paper n° 69. 2015/10

Forms of primary care teams
A typology of multidisciplinary group practices, health care networks and health care centers participating in the Experiments of New Mechanisms of Remuneration (ENMR)

Afrite A., Mousquès J. (Irdes)
Issues in Health Economics (Questions d'économie de la santé) n° 201. 2014/09.

Do gender differences affect the doctor–patient interaction during consultations in general practice? Results from the INTERMEDE study.
Schieber A.-C., Delpierre C., Lepage B., Afrite A., Pascal J., Cases C., Lombrail P., Lang T., Kelly-Irving M.. Family Practice, vol. 31, n° 6, 2014/12, 706-713.
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The Impact of Multi-professional Group Practices on Healthcare Supply
Evaluation Aims and Methods for "Maisons", "Pôles de Santé" and "Centres de Santé" within the Framework of Experiments with New Mechanisms of Remuneration

Afrite A., Bourgueil Y., Daniel F., Mousquès J. (Irdes) in collaboration with Couralet P.-E. and Chevillard G. (Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre La Défense, Laboratoire Mosaïques, UMR Lavue 7218, CNRS; Irdes)
Issues in Health Economics (Questions d'économie de la santé) n° 189. 2013/07-08

Is perceived social distance between the patient and the general practitioner related to their disagreement on patient's health status?
Schiebera A.-C., Kelly-Irvinga M., Delpierrea C., Lepagea B., Bensafia A., Afrite A., Pascal J., Cases C., Lombrail P., Lang T., Patient Education and Counseling, vol. 91, Issue 1, 2013/04, 97-104.
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Do general practitioners overestimate the health of their patients with lower education?
Kelly-Irving M., Delpierre C., Schieber A.-C., Lepage B., Rolland C., Afrite A., Pascal J., Cases C., Lombrail P., Lang T., Social Science & Medicine, vol 73, n°9, 2011/11, 1416-1421.
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Do Individuals Using the 21 Health Care Centres Participating in the EPIDAURE-CDS Study Have a Lower Socio-Economic Status?
Afrite A., Bourgueil Y., Dufournet M., Mousquès J.
Issues in Health Economics (Questions d'économie de la santé) n° 165. 2011/05

Do doctors and patients agree on cardiovascular-risk management recommendations post-consultation? The Intermède study.
Schieber A.-C., Kelly-Irving M., Rolland C., Afrite A., Cases C., Dourgnon P., Lombrail P., Pascal J., Lang T. British Journal of General Practice, vol 61, n° 584, 2011/03, 105-111.
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Assessment of asthma control and its socio-economic determinants, Afrite A., Allonier C., Com-Ruelle L., 2nd European Public Health Conference - Human ecology and public health. Lodz, 25-28 novembre 2009. The European Journal of Public Health , Oral presentations: abstracts, vol. 19 , Suppl 1, 2009/01, pp. 60-61

Asthma in France in 2006: Prevalence and Control of Symptoms
Afrite A., Allonier C., Com-Ruelle L., Le Guen N. with the collaboration of Annesi-Maesano I. (Inserm Unity 707), Delmas M.-C. (InVS), Furhman C. (InVS), Leynaert B. (Inserm Unity 700). 288/12
Questions d'économie de la santé n° 138

Hospital at home (HAH), a structured, individual care plan for all patients.
Afrite A. (Irdes), Chaleix M. (Drees), Com-Ruelle L. (Irdes), Valdelièvre H. (Drees), 2009/03
Questions d'économie de la santé n° 140

Can physician-patient interaction generate social health inequalities ? First results from a 2007 French pilot survey. Afrite A., Dourgnon P., Pascal J., Jusot F., Lang T., Lombrail P. and the Intermede project members, “16th Eupha Conference, I-health: Health and innovation in Europe. Lisbon, 6-8 November 2008”, European Journal of Public Health, 2008, vol 18, suppl. 1, p. 117.
Online on Oxford Journals site

Hospital at home, an economical alternative for rehabilitative care
Afrite A., Com-Ruelle L., Or Z., Renaud T., 2007/02
Questions d'économie de la santé n° 119

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