Director of Human Resources and General Affairs

33 (0)1 53 93 43 60


Human resources

  • Definition of human resources management policy in collaboration with the management
  • Organization of recruitments
  • Supervision of the administrative follow-up of employees
  • Being the referent of social law and of the collective agreement
  • Being the intermediary of employees for their requests to the management in its fields of competences
  • Fostering internal communication
  • Communication with social partners
  • Responsible for the provision of training
  • Management of internship agreements and definition of remuneration for trainees

General Affairs

  • Development and follow-up of internship agreements
  • Supervise and coordinate purchases in compliance with the rules of public budgetary and accounting management (GBCP)
  • Coordination of the maintenance and minor work necessary in the premises
  • Definition and organization of the allocation of offices and computer equipment
  • Ensuring the daily functioning of Irdes
  • Legal Referent

Coordination of budget monitoring

  • Coordination between the financial department, which is under the authority of the accounting officer and the director, and the executive committee
  • Ensuring that the executive committee is informed of the budgetary situation in relation to the financial department and the accounting officer