Research fellow
PhD in Economics

33 (0)1 53 93 43 79 bricard@irdes.fr


Research interest

  • Inequalities in health and healthcare use
  • Determinants of health-risk behaviors
  • Evaluation of public policy
  • Analysis of healthcare pathways

Current research

  • National evaluation of pilots ‘Improving healthcare pathways of seniors' (Paerpa)
  • Evaluation of the experiment “Pathways of patients with chronic renal failure'

Other activities


APRIL 2017: Publications by Irdes researchers in other venues

Life Course Changes in Smoking by Gender and Education: A Cohort Comparison Across France and the United States.
Pampel F.C., Bricard D., Khlat M., Legleye S., Population Research and Policy Review, Online: 09 January 2017, 2017/06, vol 36, Issue 3, 309-330.
On Springer Link site

Disadvantaged Social Groups and the Cigarette Epidemic: Limits of the Diffusion of Innovations Vision.
Khlat M., Pampel F., Bricard D., Legleye S. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2016, 13(12), 1230.
On mdpi site

Educational inequalities in smoking over the life cycle: an analysis by cohort and gender.
Bricard D., Jusot F., Beck F., Khlat M., Legleye S. « International Journal of Public Health », pp 1-9, 2015.

Real-time characterization of e-cigarettes use: the 1 million puffs study.
Dautzenberg B., Bricard D. « Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy », 6: 219, 2015.

Inequality of opportunity in health and natural reward: evidence from European countries.
Bricard D., Jusot F., Trannoy A., Tubeuf S., « Research on Economic Inequality » Volume 21: Health and Inequality: 335-370, 2013.

Mediating role of education and lifestyles in the relationship between early-life conditions and health: Evidence from the 1958 British cohort.
Tubeuf S., Jusot F., Bricard D., « Health Economics », 21, S1: 129-150, 2012.

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