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  • Policies evaluation
  • Professional practice and supply of care: hospitalization, alternative to hospitalization, ambulatory care, health profession
  • Global study of a specific disease (morbidity, recourse to care, medical practice, cost of the disease)
  • Knowledge of health status : health indicators, morbidity
  • Determinants of health and health care consumption
  • Analysis of medical consumption: medicines, ambulatory care, hospital care
  • Surveys: results - methodology - nomenclatures (hospitalization, ambulatory care)


Use of Outpatient Care and Distances Travelled by Patients: Significant Differences in Regional Access to Healthcare
Com-Ruelle L., Lucas-Gabrielli V., Pierre A. (Irdes), In collaboration with Coldefy M. (Irdes)
Issues in Health Economics (Questions d'économie de la santé) n° 219. 2016/06

Young People and Alcohol: Changes in Behaviour, Risk and Protective Factors
Com-Ruelle L., Le Guen N. (Irdes)
Issues in Health Economics (Questions d'économie de la santé) n° 192. 2013/11

The association between asthma control, health care costs, and quality of life in France and Spain.
Doz M., Chouaid C., Com-Ruelle L., Calvo E., Brosa M., Robert J., Decuypère L., Pribil C., Huerta A., Detournay B.. BMC Pulmonary Medicine, vol 13, 2013/03, 1-24.
On Biomed Central site

Economic evaluation in patient safety : a literature review of methods.
Alves de Rezende B., Or Z., Com-Ruelle L., Michel P. BMJ Quality & Safety, on line 2012/03/06, 1-9.
On BMJ site

Travel Distances and Travel Times to Nearest Health Care in Metropolitan France
Coldefy M., Com-Ruelle L., Lucas-Gabrielli V. (Irdes)
Issues in Health Economics (Questions d'économie de la santé) n° 164. 2011/04

Asthma Patients' Ambulatory Care Expenditures in 2006
Com-Ruelle L., Da Poian M.-T., Le Guen N.
Issues in Health Economics (Questions d'économie de la santé) n° 152. 2010/03

Assessment of asthma control and its socio-economic determinants, Afrite A., Allonier C., Com-Ruelle L., 2nd European Public Health Conference - Human ecology and public health. Lodz, 25-28 novembre 2009. The European Journal of Public Health , Oral presentations: abstracts, vol. 19 , Suppl 1, 2009/01, pp. 60-61

Asthma in France in 2006: Prevalence and Control of Symptoms
Afrite A., Allonier C., Com-Ruelle L., Le Guen N. with the collaboration of Annesi-Maesano I. (Inserm Unity 707), Delmas M.-C. (InVS), Furhman C. (InVS), Leynaert B. (Inserm Unity 700). 288/12
Questions d'Úconomie de la santÚ n° 138

Hospital at home (HAH), a structured, individual care plan for all patients.
Afrite A. (Irdes), Chaleix M. (Drees), Com-Ruelle L. (Irdes), Valdelièvre H. (Drees), 2009/03
Questions d'Úconomie de la santÚ n° 140

The volume-outcome relationship in hospitals - Lessons from the literature
Com-Ruelle L., Or Z., Renaud T., 2008/09
Questions d'Úconomie de la santÚ n° 135

Home care in Europe - The solid facts, avec la participation de Com-Ruelle L., Naiditch M., Edité par Rosanna Tarricone and Agis D. Tsouros. Copenhague : WHO Regional Office for Europe, 2008. 46 pages
Full text on WHO site

Alcohol consumption in France: one more glass of French paradox.
Com-Ruelle L., Dourgnon P., Jusot F., Lengagne P., 2008/01
Questions d'Úconomie de la santÚ n° 129

French people and alcohol : evolutions over a one-year period, Ireb Observatory 2007, Com-Ruelle L., Choquet M., Weill J., Focus Alcoologie, Paris : Ireb, n° 13, 2008, 17-31
Full text on Ireb Site (second part in English)

Hospital at home, an economical alternative for rehabilitative care
Afrite A., Com-Ruelle L., Or Z., Renaud T., 2007/02
Questions d'Úconomie de la santÚ n° 119

Can physician gate-keeping and patient choice be reconciled in France ? Analysis of recent reform.
Com-Ruelle L., Dourgnon P., Paris V., Eurohealth, 2006, vol.12, n°1, 17-19.
Full text on the LSE site

The development of hospital care at home:an investigation of Australian, British and Canadian experiences
Chevreul K., Com-Ruelle L., Midy F., Paris V. , 2004/12
Questions d'Úconomie de la santÚ n° 91

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