Research fellow
Sociologist, Economist

33 (0)1 53 93 43 28


Research interest

  • Sick Schemes in Europe
  • Fertility Rates in Developed Countries
  • Qualitative and quantitative methods

Current research

  • Benchmark study on sick leave, sickness benefits and sick pay schemes in five countries

Other activities

  • Board Member of the Kalecki Foundation, an independent social and economic policy think-tank
  • Researcher and a PhD student at the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Teaching: Sociology, Economics, Government and Politics


Sytuacja mieszkaniowa Polaków
Gromada A. in "POLPAN" edited by K.M. Słomczyński. Warsaw: IFIS PAN. Forthcoming in 2017.

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Gromada A. In: "Modernities, Transformations and Evolving Identities in post-1945 Poland". Oxford: POMP. 2016.

Student Learning Time: A Literature Review.
Gromada A., Shewbridge C. OECD Education Working Paper No. 127. Paris: OECD. 2016

What Impact Have Post-crisis Welfare Reforms Had on Gender Equality in EU Member States? Case studies of Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.
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Little Chance to Advance? An Inquiry into the Presence of Women at Art Academies.
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Kapitał zagraniczny w Polsce: czy jesteśmy gospodarką poddostawcy?
Gromada A., Janyst T., Golik K. The Kalecki Foundation Report. 2015.

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