Senior research fellow
PhD in Economics

33 (0)1 53 93 43 49


Research interest

  • Health economics
  • Labour economics
  • Health at work, job insecurity and health, labour participation of senior workers

Current research

  • Public policy assessment: experience rating in France
  • Economic crisis, psychosocial risks and mental health
  • Health effects of job insecurity
  • Adverse psychosocial and physical work-related factors: influence on work absence and healthcare use
  • Effect of mental health disorders on employment trajectories

Other activities

  • Scientific animation of the project Hygie
  • Animation of Irdes research seminars


Experience Rating, Incidence of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Related Absences
Results from a Natural Experiment

Lengagne P., Afrite A. (Irdes)
Working paper n° 69. 2015/10

Experience rating and work-related health and safety.
Lengagne P., Journal of Labor Research, vol 37, n° 1, 2016/03, 69-97
On springer link site

Workers Compensation Insurance: Incentive Effects of Experience Rating on Work-related Health and Safety
Lengagne P. (Irdes)
Working paper n° 64. 2014/12

Disabled Persons' Access to Dental, Ophthalmological and Gynaecological Care in France
Exploitation of the Health and Disability Households survey (Enquête Handicap-Santé Ménages)

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Assurance et prévention des risques liés au travail.
Lengagne P. Thèse de Doctorat en Sciences Économiques, Janv. 2012, Université Paris-Dauphine.

Relationship between Perceived Labour Market Rewards and the Health of Senior Workers
Lengagne P.
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Do Seniors Receive Compensation for Working in High-demand Environments?
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Alcohol consumption in France: one more glass of French paradox.
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Working Conditions and Health of European Older Workers
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Working paper n° 8, 2008/02

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