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Wage differences according to health status in France.
Ben Halima M.A., Rococo E., Social Science & Medicine, vol 120, 2014/11, 260-268.
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Duration of Sick Leave, Income and Health Insurance: Evidence from French French linked employer-employee data.
Ben Halima M.A., Regaert C., Economics Bulletin, vol. 33, n°1, 2013, 46-55.
(Catégorie 3 - CNRS) - (Cat. B - Hcérès)
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Sick Leaves: Understanding Disparities Between French Departments
Ben Halima M. A., Debrand T., Regaert C. (Irdes)
Working paper n° 49. 2012/10

Sick Leave: What Explanation for Disparities between French Departments?
First exploitation of the Hygie database

Ben Halima M.A., Debrand T., Regaert C. (Irdes)
Issues in Health Economics (Questions d'économie de la santé) n° 177. 2012/06.

Time Preferences and Job Search: Evidence from France.
Ben Halima B., Ben Halima M.A., LABOUR: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, 2009, Vol. 23 issue 03, pp 535-558.

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