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… Coralie Gandré and Magali Coldefy following the publication of the Issues in Health Economics (249), June 2020: "Inequalities in the Risk of Onset of Psychological Distress during the Lockdown Linked to the Covid-19 Outbreak. First Results of the COCLICO Survey Conducted between 3 and 14 April 2020", written in collaboration with Thierry Rochereau.

1. How did you measure the extent of psychological distress during the lockdown linked to the Covid-19 and how would you describe it?
2. What major factors associated with psychological distress have you identified?
3. Given the results of your study, how can we better prevent the risk of psychological distress following a lockdown?
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Factors linked to the onset of psychological distress during the lockdown linked to the Covid-19 outbreak

Associations between the presence of a severe mental disorder and the use of preventive healthcare, of GP healthcare standard specialist healthcare and hospital admissions

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The 7th IRDES-DAUPHINE Workshop on Applied Health Economics and Policy Evaluation will take place in Paris, France, on 17-18 June 2021. The workshop is organized by IRDES in collaboration with Chaire Santé Dauphine (Paris-Dauphine University).
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IRDES publishing

Less Preventive Healthcare, Fewer Specialist Consultations, and More Avoidable Hospitalisations for Individuals Treated for a Severe Mental Disorder

Gandré C., Coldefy M. (IRDES)
Issues in Health Economics (Questions d’économie de la santé), 250, September 2020

Individuals treated for mental disorders suffer premature death, whatever the cause of death. This phenomenon, a health inequality marker, raises questions about the treatment and access to somatic care for individuals living with a severe mental disorder. Quantitative analysis made through the National Health Data System (Système national des données de santé, SNDS) makes it possible to characterise their use of general somatic care on a national scale in comparison with the main beneficiaries of the French health insurance system.
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Inequalities in the Risk of Onset of Psychological Distress during the Lockdown Linked to the Covid-19 Outbreak.
First Results of the COCLICO Survey Conducted between 3 and 14 April 2020

Gandré C., Coldefy M. (IRDES), in collaboration with Rochereau T. (IRDES)
Issues in Health Economics (Questions d’économie de la santé), 249, June 2020

France is undergoing an unprecedented health crisis, linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, which led to a lockdown for the entire population. Yet, this measure has certainly had an impact on people’s health, and in particular their mental health. The aim of this study is to determine the extent of psychological distress experienced by the French population during the initial phases of the lockdown, and to pinpoint the associated factors in order to identify vulnerable populations that require support. A first Internet survey was conducted between 3 and 14 April 2020.
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Evaluation of Impact of Regional Pilots Healthcare Pathways of Seniors (PAERPA). Final Report

Bricard D., Or Z., Penneau A. (IRDES)
IRDES Reports (Rapports de l’Irdes), 575, November 2020

The regional pilots PAERPA (Healthcare Pathways of Seniors) were launched in 2014 in nine territories, with the objective of improving care coordination and quality of life of elderly people aged 75 and over and their caregivers. The projects aim to improve collaboration between local actors involved in health and social care for improving the quality of overall care provision, preventing loss of autonomy and reducing avoidable hospitalisations (…) This report presents the final results of the impact evaluation on the 2015-2017 data and provides an overview of the evaluation conducted by IRDES.
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International Comparison of Specialist Care Organization: Innovations in Five Countries (England, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, United-States).
Italy: Multidisciplinary Networks in Tuscany

Michel L., Or Z. (IRDES)
IRDES Reports (Rapports de l’Irdes), 574, Case studies series, 1-1b, July 2020

Under pressure of increasing demand for healthcare from an ageing population with multiple chronic conditions, France, as other countries, seeks to advance care coordination across primary, hospital and long-term care sectors. Specialists play an essential role in treating patients with chronic conditions, but little attention is given to their organization out of hospitals, and their role in enhancing care coordination and patient-centered care provision. In order to investigate different ways in which specialists are working out of hospital to integrate primary and social care, we carried out case studies in five countries (England, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, England and United States).(…) The two case studies presented here for Italy describe the organization and functioning of multidisciplinary networks managing diabetic foot and heart failure patients in the Tuscany region.
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Other IRDES researcher's publications (in English)

Adjusting Hospital Inpatient Payment Systems for COVID-19.
Quentin W., Albreht T., Bezzina A., Bryndova L., Dimova A., Gerkens S., Kowalska-Bobko I., Mantwill S., Or Z., Rajan S., Theodorou M., Tynkkynen L.K., Waitzberg R., Winkelmann J., Eurohealth, vol. 26, n°2, 2020, 88-92.

Does Ageing Alter the Contribution of Health to Subjective Well-Being?
Bussière C., Sirven N., Tessier P. Social Science and Medicine, vol. 268, Online : 17/10/2020, 1-10.
(Catégorie 1 - CNRS) - (Cat. A - Hcérès)

General Practitioners' Income and Activity: the Impact of Multi-Professional Group Practice in France.
Cassou M., Mousquès J., Franc C. European Journal of Health Economics, on line 14 October 2020, 1-23.
(Catégorie 2 - CNRS) - (Cat. A - Hcères)

Impact of Competition Versus Centralisation of Hospital Care on Process Quality: A Multilevel Analysis of Breast Cancer Surgery in France.
Or Z., Roccoco E., Touré M., Bonastre J., International Journal of Health Policy and Management, Online : 30/09/2020, 1-11.

Measuring the Patient Experience of Mental Health Care: A Systematic and Critical Review of Patient-Reported Experience Measures.
Fernandes S., Fond G., Zendjidjian X.Y., Baumstarck K., Lançon C., Berna F., Schurhoff F., Aouizerate B., Henry C., Etain B., Samalin L., Leboyer M., Llorca P.M., Coldefy M., Auquier P., Boyer L. Patient Preference and Adherence, vol 14, 2020/11, 2147–2161.

Restarting More Routine Hospital Activities During COVID-19: Approaches from Six Countries.
Webb E., Hernández-Quevedo C., Scarpetti G., Edwards N., Reed S., Gandré C., Or Z., Cascini F., Winkelmann J., Kroneman M., Bernal-Delgado E., Angulo-Pueyo E., Estupiñán-Romero F., Rajan S., Chandran S., Eurohealth, vol. 26, n°2, 2020, 68-72.

Training, Migration and Retention of Doctors: Is Ireland a Danaides' Jar? Comment on "Doctor Retention: a Cross-Sectional Study of How Ireland Has Been Losing the Battle".
Chevillard G. International Journal of Health Policy and Management, Online : 01/11/2020, 1-2.

Inequality of Opportunities in Health and Death: An Investigation from Birth to Middle Age in Great Britain.
Bricard D., Jusot F., Trannoy A., Tubeuf S., International Journal of Epidemiology, 2020, 1-10.

Impact of Fees on Access to Dental Care: Evidence from France.
Bas A.-C., Dourgnon P., Azogui-Levy S., Wittwer J. European Journal of Public Health, On Line: 2020/08/13.
(Catégorie 3 CNRS) - (Cat. B Hcérès)

Innovative Use of Data Sources: A Cross-Sectional Study of Data Linkage and Artificial Intelligence Practices Across European Countries.
Haneef R., Delnord M., Vernay M., Bauchet E., Gaidelyte R., Van Oyen H., Or Z., Pérez-Gómez B., Palmieri L., Achterberg P., Tijhuis M., Zaletel M., Mathis-Edenhofer S., Májek O., Haaheim H., Tolonen H., Gallay A. Archives of Public Health. Vol.78, n° 55, 2020/06, 1-11.

Use of Tobacco, Alcohol and Cannabis in Late Adolescence: Roles of Family Living Arrangement and Socioeconomic Group.
Khlat M., Van Cleemput O., Bricard D. et al. BMC Public Health, 20, 1356, 2020.

Care Coordination for Severe Mental Health Disorders: an Analysis of Healthcare Provider Patient-Sharing Networks and their Association with Quality of Care in a French Region.
Gandré C., Beauguitte L., Lolivier A., Coldefy M. BMC Health Services Research, vol 20, n° 548, 2020, 1-15.

The Dynamics of Frailty and Change in Socio-Economic Conditions: Evidence for the 65+ in Europe.
Sirven N., Dumontet M., Rapp T. European Journal of Public Health, On Line: 2020/05/20.
(Catégorie 3 - CNRS) - (Cat. B - Hcères)


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