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… Cécile Fournier, Lucie Michel, Noémie Morize, Laure Pitti and Matti Suchier, in collaboration with Isabelle Bourgeois and Vincent Schlegel, following the publication of the Issues in Health Economics (260), July-August 2020: "Primary Care Practice in Response to the Covid-19 Epidemic. Between Weakening and Strengthening of the Dynamics of Local Coordination"

1. What was the situation in the areas studied in terms of coordination between primary care providers before the COVID-19 epidemic?
2. How did these dynamics evolve during the first wave of COVID-19?
3. What key determinants of local integration of primary care has the health crisis highlighted?  
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Factors associated with the use of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) in France

IRDES events, conferences and seminars

8th IRDES-DAUPHINE Workshop on Applied Health Economics and Policy Evaluation

The 8th IRDES-DAUPHINE Workshop on Applied Health Economics and Policy Evaluation was held in Paris, France, on 23-24 June 2022. The workshop was organized by IRDES in collaboration with the University Dauphine PSL.
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Harkness Fellowship

The Commonwealth Fund is currently inviting applications for its Harkness Fellowships in Health Care Policy and Practice, providing a unique opportunity for mid-career health services researchers and practitioners to spend up to 12 months in the United States, conducting original research and working with leading U.S. health policy experts. Two IRDES researchers have been awarded the Harkness Fellowship: Julien Mousquès in 2015 and Paul Dourgnon in 2016.
Deadline for receipt of applications: 1 November 2022
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IRDES publishing

Primary Care Practice in Response to the Covid-19 Epidemic. Between Weakening and Strengthening of the Dynamics of Local Coordination

Fournier C. (IRDES), Michel L. (IRDES), Morize N. (IRDES; Centre for the Sociology of Organisations), Pitti L. (IRDES; Centre for Sociological and Political Research Centre of Paris), Suchier M. (IRDES), in collaboration with Bourgeois I. (IRDES; Icone Médiation santé) and Schlegel V. (IRDES)
Issues in Health Economics (Questions d'économie de la santé), 260, July-August 2021

The first section of the survey entitled Coordinated Primary Care Practice in Response to the Covid-19 Epidemic (EXECO2) focuses on the reconfiguration of the organisation of primary care during the first wave of the epidemic (March to June 2020), in six areas of mainland France with contrasting characteristics. This sociological survey lies on a comparative case study, based on prior knowledge of the areas studied and on qualitative interviews, conducted between March and December 2020, with members of multidisciplinary primary care teams and their partners in response to the epidemic.
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Sustainability and Resilience in the French Health System

Or Z. (IRDES), Gandré C. (IRDES), Wharton G. (LSE)
IRDES Working Papers (Documents de travail de l'Irdes), 88, June 2022

Sustainability concerns the health system’s ability to maintain key functions by withstanding internal and external stresses, including economic, epidemiological and environmental challenges. Resilience refers to a health system's ability to prevent, absorb, adapt, and rebound stronger from a crisis while minimising negative impacts on population health, health services and the wider economy. This report uses the COVID-19 pandemic as a critical event to evaluate the sustainability and resilience of the French health system across five key domains: Governance, Health system financing, Workforce, Medicines and technology, Service delivery.
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Spatial inequalities in Access to Specialists. Methodology Proposal for Three Specialties

Lucas-Gabrielli V. (IRDES), Mangeney C. (ORS Île-de-France), Duchaine F. (IRDES), Com-Ruelle L. (IRDES), Gueye A. (IRDES), Raynaud D. (IRDES)
IRDES Working Papers (Documents de travail de l'Irdes), 87, May 2022

Following the work carried out on spatial accessibility to general practitioners and before the data are made available, we discuss in this report the necessary adaptations of the Local Potential Accessibility (LPA) method for its application to physicians working in the field of ambulatory specialized medicine. The exercise presented in this report focuses on three specialties (ophthalmologists, cardiologists, dermatologists). However, the objective is to propose a methodology that can be generalized or, at least, adapted to other medical specialties.
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Expectable Effects on Poverty Reduction of the Health System Reforms Introduced in the National Strategy for the Prevention and Reduction of Poverty

Bricard D., Dourgnon P., Poucineau J. (IRDES)
IRDES Working Papers (Documents de travail de l'Irdes), 86, February 2022

What are the consequences of health policies on the economic and social situation of individuals? Based on a literature review on French and foreign programmes and policies, we set forth a conceptual framework for the analysis of the effects on poverty of several health policies embedded in the 2018 National Strategy for the Prevention and Reduction of Poverty (Stratégie Nationale de Prévention et de Lutte Contre la Pauvreté) and the 2020 Healthcare Stakeholders’ National Consultation (Ségur de la Santé). Within this framework, healthcare influences poverty via two causality channels. On the one hand, the improvement of the financial accessibility of healthcare reduces healthcare costs that are likely to lead to individuals fall into or remaining in poverty. On the other hand, the improvement in access to healthcare, and thus individuals’ health status, has an impact on individual’s educational level, access to employment, and income, over the life cycle.
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Use of Electroconvulsive Therapy for Individuals Receiving Inpatient Psychiatric Care on a Nationwide Scale in France: First Findings

Lecarpentier P. (IRDES, Etablissement public de santé Barthélemy Durand), Gandré C. (IRDES), Coldefy M. (Irdes) in collaboration with Ellini A. (ATIH)
IRDES Reports (Rapports de l'Irdes), 585, April 2022

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), which consists of triggering an epileptic seizure under general anesthesia, is one of the treatments recommended for severe mental disorders that do not respond to usual treatments, in particular pharmacological ones. However, its use is controversial and associated with constant negative representations, driven by a general lack of knowledge of its mechanisms of action as well as a lack of studies about the use of this treatment on a large scale. In this context, this research aims to describe the use of ECT for individuals hospitalized in psychiatry in France and to identify the main factors associated.
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See also

Lecarpentier P., Gandré C., Coldefy M., Ellini A., Trichard C. (2022). "Use of Electroconvulsive Therapy for Individuals Receiving Inpatient Psychiatric Care on a Nationwide Scale in France: Variations Linked to Health Care Supply". Brain Stimulation, vol 15, n° 1, 2022/01, 201-210.

Collaborative Practices in Health Care. Sociological Perspectives

Denise T. (Laboratoire lorrain de sciences sociales, Université de Lorraine), Divay S. (Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne), Dos Santos M. (Inserm, Sesstim), Fournier C. (Irdes, Leps), Girard L. (Lir3S, UMR7366, CNRS, Université de Bourgogne), Luneau A. (médialab - Sciences Po Paris)
Irdes Books (collection Ouvrages), Sociology series, 8, June 2022

This collective work is the result of the study days organized on 28 and 29 March 2019 in Paris as part of the meetings organized by the French Sociology Association (Association française de sociologie AFS). Its purpose is to examine, as closely as possible to field situations, what is at stake behind injunctions to collaborate in health care, while taking their effects into account. This means, for example, observing the effects of collaboration on professional boundaries, on the autonomy of the actors, or on the legitimization or invalidation of both professional and lay knowledge.
The 32 contributions gathered in this book offer the opportunity to reexamine the notion of "collaboration" by mobilizing a plurality of theoretical and methodological approaches. Even if it is focused on health practices, this notion refers to a wide range of meanings and social uses, both by sociologists and by respondents.
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Other IRDES researcher's publications (in English)

Lessons from a Year of Health Crisis: The Urgent Need for a Concerted and Coordinated Health Policy for Children.
Claudet I., Duché P., Aujard Y., Billette de Villemeur A., Bodeau-Livinec F., Com-Ruelle L., Damville E., Debost E., Marchand-Tonel C., Saurel-Cubizolles M.-J., Lang T. Archives de pédiatrie. 2021/08, vol 28, n° 6, 437-440.

The Challenge for General Practitioners to Keep in Touch with Vulnerable Patients During the COVID-19 Lockdown: An Observational Study in France.
Bouchez T., Gautier S., Le Breton J., Bourgueil Y., Ramond-Roquin A. BMC Primary Care. Vol 23, n° 82, 2022/04, 1-12.

Exploring Variation of Coverage and Access to Dental Care for Adults in 11 European Countries: A Vignette Approach.
Winkelmann J. Gómez Rossi J., Schwendicke F., Dimova A., Atanasova E., Habicht T., Kasekamp K., Gandré C., Or Z., et al. BMC Oral Health, vol.22, n° 65, 2022/03.

Development and Calibration of the PREMIUM Item Bank for Measuring Respect and Dignity for Patients with Severe Mental Illness.
Fernandes S., Fond G., Zendjidjian X., Michel P., Baumstarck K., Lançon C., Samalin L., Llorca P.M., Coldefy M., Auquier P., Boyer L., et al. Journal of Clinical Medicine, vol. 11, n° 6, 2022/03, 1-17.

Do Hospital Stays Modify Locus of Control?
Marsaudon A., De Economist. 2022/03, 1-2.
(Catégorie 3 - CNRS) - (Cat. B - Hcérès)

One Last Effort. Are High Out of Pocket Payments at the End of Life a Fatality?
Bell Aldeghi R., Sirven N., Le Guern M., Sevilla Dedieu C. The European Journal of Health Economics, en ligne : 2022/01, 1-13.
(Catégorie 2 - CNRS) - (Cat. A - Hcérès)

Use of Electroconvulsive Therapy for Individuals Receiving Inpatient Psychiatric Care on a Nationwide Scale in France: Variations Linked to Health Care Supply.
Lecarpentier P., Gandré C., Coldefy M., Ellini A., Trichard C. Brain Stimulation, vol 15, n° 1, 2022/01, 201-210.


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