Factors associated with the use of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) in France

April 2022

Location of traumatic events experienced by undocumented immigrants in France ("Premiers Pas" ("First Steps") survey)

March 2022

Alcohol consumption profiles according to educational level, age and gender, 2014 (%)

January 2022


Readmission rates for older adults hospitalized for heart failure who also have diabetes

November 2021


Jobs held in France by undocumented immigrants

December 2020

Associations between the presence of a severe mental disorder and the use of preventive healthcare, of GP healthcare, standard specialist healthcare and hospital admissions

September 2020

Factors linked to the onset of psychological distress during the first lockdown linked to the Covid-19 outbreak

June 2020

Access to State Medical Aid (AME) is lower for undocumented immigrants in highly precarious situations

February 2020


Percentage of undocumented immigrants in France covered by State Medical Aid (AME, Aide médicale de l'Etat)

December 2019

Use of psychotropic drugs among employees whose company conducted a mass layoff and those whose company did not

May 2019

Patients hospitalized for a first episode of stroke in France in 2012

March 2019


Evolution of health care expenditure and utilization among CMU-C beneficiaries between 2011 and 2014

December 2018

Percentage of premature deaths among deaths in 2014, according to the diagnosis groups treated

September 2018

Evolution of the rates of treatment in stroke units and intensive care units among stroke patients, 2010-2014

July 2018

Evolution in the number of nurses, general practitioners and medical practices participating in the ASALEE experimental project (Team Health Project in Private Practice) between 2004 and 2017

April 2018

Evolution of financial incentives to firms aimed at curbing occupational risks, following reforms of 2010 and 2017

March 2018

Activity limitations and use of care or home help services among people aged 65 or more, according to income (France, 2014)

February 2018

Complementary health insurance according to employment status (France, 2014)

January 2018


Disparities in the use of Pap tests among women aged 25 to 65…
… according to age
… according to level of qualification

December 2017

2012-2016 evolution of the share of inpatients receiving compulsory psychiatric treatment: focus on solitary confinement and compulsory measures lifted by the Judge of Freedom and Detention

November 2017

Frequency of the reporting of depressive symptoms…
… in European countries
… according to the socio-professional category in France

October 2017

Types of ambulatory care use and medicine delivery prior to a first-time hospitalization for depression

September 2017

Use rates of obesity surgery by departement in 2014 (standardised by sex and age, and for 100,000 inhabitants)

June 2017

Use rates of the sentinel lymph node technique among breast cancer patients in 2012

May 2017

Households' contribution to the financing of mandatory and supplementary health insurance, households' out-of-pocket spending

April 2017

Individuals reporting a 'fair', 'poor' or 'very poor' health status according to the occupational category of the household reference person

March 2017

Rates of compulsory psychiatric care use for 100,000 inhabitants aged 16 or more, by department of residence (France, 2015)

February 2017

Distances traveled to access chemotherapy care (France, 2012)

January 2017


Variations in use rates to different medical procedures (France, 2014)

December 2016

Ambulatory care use rates to the nearest physician, according to level of Localized potential accessibility (LPA) [France, 2010]

November 2016

Average distances travelled to seek ambulatory care according to the level of Local Potential Accessibility (LPA)

October 2016

Composition of out-of-pocket hospital care spending according to income (France, 2010)

September 2016

Health variables according to profiles of people bearing the highest out-of-pocket costs in 2010

July 2016

Expenditure by type of outpatient care among people aged 65 and over living at home - metropolitan France, 2012

June 2016

Impact of charging occupational musculoskeletal disorders to establishment accounts on the number of absence days due to these disorders

May 2016

Proportion of elderly people aged 75 and over living on their own in 2011

April 2016

Use of hospital-at-home care among seniors (France, 2012)

March 2016

Frailty index distribution (Fried phenotype) in people aged 50 or over without limitations in activities of daily living (France, 2011)

February 2016

Marital status in 2006 among unmarried tetraplegic individuals, whether or not they lived at the parental home in 1995

January 2016


Percentages of individuals receiving cumulative or continuous polypharmacy, taking into account fixed dose drug combinations and three-month packagings (France, 2013)

December 2015

Average number of GP home visits per senior population, by region (2012)

November 2015

Breakdown of total medical consumption in France in 2014, by individual in current euros

October 2015

Use of hospital emergency services not followed by inpatient stays (France, 2012)

September 2015

Simulation of the rates of persons without health insurance, after generalization of employer-sponsored health insurance, and according to income by consumption unit (France, 2012)

July 2015

Probability of seeking routine and preventive care among persons with disability living in institutions or at home (before and after data matching)

June 2015

Modalities of treatment in health establishments of patients treated for schizophrenic disorders in 2011

May 2015

Probability for executives and non-executives of taking at least one sick leave, according to waiting period

April 2015

Hospitalisation without consent: Treatment modalities among psychiatric patients France, 2012)

March 2015

Rates of psychiatric hospitalisation per 100,000 inhabitants aged 16 and over (France)

February 2015

Evolution of work-related injuries and absence days due to injuries between 1985 and 2010

January 2015


Geographical disparities in the use of long-term psychiatric inpatient care, according to health territories, France 2011

November 2014

Evolution of the ways of funding consumption of medical goods and services between 2006 and 2013 (in billions of euros)


Evolution of the share of multiple-source statin prescriptions among all statin prescriptions between 2002 and 2011, France

September 2014

Unmet needs for financial reasons, according to type of care and health insurance situation (France, 2012)

July 2014

Share of disabled persons by brackets of income per consumption unit in 2008 (France)

June 2014

Standardized rates (by age) for prostactectomy in France 2009, by departments

May 2014

Reasons the targeted population in Lille do not apply for the subsidising scheme for acquiring a complementary health insurance (France, 2009)

April 2014

Diversities of modalities of care for involuntary psychiatric hospitalizations (France, 2010)

March 2014

Main diagnoses among full-time psychiatric in-patients, according to legal status

February 2014

Prevalences of frequent binge drinking and frequent intoxication reported over the last 12 months among the youth in France (2007)

January 2014


Readmission rates among patients treated for depression, by type of health care facilities

December 2013

Distribution of physicians by type of practice, France 2013

November 2013

Breakdown of social protection benefits in 2011 by type of risk

October 2013

Evolution of hospital service production before and after the introduction of activity-based payment

September 2013

Specialisation of hospital services production according to French regions (2009)

July 2013

Evolution of full inpatient stays in surgery by type of health facilities

June 2013

Shares of consultations with GPs and specialists (psychiatrists, ophalmologists, gynaecologists, others) in France between 1980 and 2010

May 2013

The evolution of inequalities in doctor use (in number of consultations)

April 2013

Rates of change in the number of lung, kidney, liver and heart transplant recipients between 1998 and 2010 (France)

March 2013

Employees' opinions on the coverage levels of group complementary health contracts

February 2013

Hospital Adverse events: the example of postoperative pulmonary embolisms in Europe in 2009

January 2013


Consultations, house calls and technical procedures delivered by self-employed GPs and specialists – Evolution 1980-2010 (France)

December 2012

Social benefit expenditure of French departements, evolution between 1996 and 2009

November 2012

Price difference (expressed in daily treatment costs) between me-too drugs and first-in-class according to their therapeutic class (France, 2009)

October 2012

Socio-professional characteristics of group complementary health insurance policyholders, France 2009

September 2012

Health status according to type of employment contract (permanent versus temporary)

July 2012

Employment and job satisfaction rates in seniors aged 50-64, with or without disabilities, in Europe

June 2012

Distribution of beneficiaries of social benefits for elderly dependents, by type of benefit in France in 2009

May 2012

Health sectors according to Regional Strategic Health Plan (SROS)-Regional Health Project (PRS) in 2011

April 2012

A New Measure of Accessibility to Self-Employed GPs: The Local Indicator of Potential Accessibility

March 2012

Evolution of the provision of residential care facilities for handicapped adults in France between 1993 and 2001

February 2012

Excess costs and increase in length of stay by hospital adverse events in 2007

January 2012


Evolution rates of foregone medical care among beneficiaries of CMU-C and private supplementary insurance, France 1998-2008

December 2011

Share of short inpatient stays (medicine-surgery-obstetrics) in people aged 65
and over, France 2009

November 2011

Prescription rates of antibiotics, antitussives and other bronchodilators before and after delisting and reduced reimbursement of March 1st, 2006

October 2011

Average travel time to the nearest self-employed ophtalmologist on January 1st, 2007 (metropolitan France)

September 2011

Main causes for short-stay hospitalizations (general medicine, surgery and obstetrics) in France 2009

July 2011

General practitioner accessibility in 15 minutes in metropolitan France (January 2007)

June 2011

Evolution of social protection benefits

May 2011

Distribution of 14 health professions according to gender and type of practice. France 2010

April 2011

Proportion of persons non covered by a supplementary health cover, according to professional status and employment situation (France 2008)

March 2011

Self-reported diseases by men and women, among asthmatics and non-asthmatics

February 2011

Comparison of the evolution of inpatient hospitalization and of its alternatives (France, 2000-2008)

January 2011


Share of hospital care in health care consumption (medical goods and services) [2009]

December 2010

Evolution of group practice rates among private GPs between 1998 and 2009 in France

November 2010

Number of diseases and prescription medication, according to the age of the respondents declaring at least one chronic condition. France métropolitaine, 2008

October 2010

Rates of Unmet Needs for Medical Care in 2008

September 2010

Distribution of health insurance cover in France by occupation and type of provider in 2008 (CMU-C beneficiaries excluded)

July 2010

Impact of different levels of financial aid on the share of individuals who take out a €50 private supplementary health cover, according to their income group

June 2010

Evolution of the number of occupational accidents, commuting accidents and occupational diseases having resulted in sickness absences, France 1984-2008

May 2010

Percentage of beneficiaries of the old-age pension* in 2007, among those aged 60 and over

April 2010

Probability of Taking out the MGET Additional Health cover at the Second Semesters of 2003 and 2004, According to Age

March 2010

Distribution over French departments of Personal Independance Allowance beneficiaries aged 60 years old and over (France, 2008)

February 2010

Readmission and Mortality Rates at 30 Days and Short Stay Activity for Eight In-Hospital Treatments (France, 2006).

January 2010


Pathways to retirement in Europe between 2004 and 2006 : an explanation of inter-country variations.

December 2009

Immigrants' self-perceived health status and access to care in France, 2002-2003.

November 2009

Typology of adult psychiatry sectors, France, 2003.

October 2009

Percentage of physicians refusing to accept patients with a low income-tested health cover, results from a single-blind survey of discrimination in Paris.

September 2009

Distribution of health expenditure according to the International Classification of Diseases chapters. Comparison between Germany, Australia, Canada, France and the Netherlands.

July 2009

Social benefit expenditure of French departements, evolution between 1996 and 2007

June 2009

Evolution of selected medical and health professionals other than physicians in the past 10 years (1999 =100), France

May 2009

Share of physicians 55 years old and over in France, evolution between 2000 and 2007

April 2009

Care pathways for patients hospitalized at home in France, 2006

March 2009

Prevalence of current and cumulative asthma. 1998-2006 Evolution - France

February 2009

Evolution of the number of CMU-C (Free-of-charge supplementary health insurance for the lowest income people) beneficiaries, by type of health insurance provider, France 2000-2006

January 2009


Causes of premature deaths for men and women, France 2005

December 2008

Social protection benefits by type of risk - France 2000-2007

November 2008

Evolution of expenditure on health care and medical goods since 1959 (as share of GDP) - France

October 2008

Modes of referral for medical specialties where direct access (self referral) decreased considerably between 2004 and 2006, results from French Health, Health Care and Insurance survey - France

September 2008

Deviation from the National Objective of Health Insurance Expenditure in 2008 - France

July 2008

Proportion of persons without supplementary health coverage by income per consumption unit - France 2006

June 2008

Expenditure on prevention in France in 2002 by nature of the preventive action

May 2008

Percentage of income spent on a complementary health insurance - France

April 2008

Age-sex structure of medical practictioners in activity in 2000 and in 2006 - France

March 2008

Alcohol consumption profiles by socioprofessional categories - France

February 2008

Monthly rate evolution of consultations with prescription of mucolytics and expectorants, before and after the dereimbursement of March 1, 2006 - France

January 2008


Proportion of general practitioners working in group practice (estimation)

December 2007

Evolution of the number of sick leave days paid by health insurance per employed person versus unemployment rates between 1970 and 2004

November 2007

Evolution of social security budget deficit by major schemes, 2004-2007

October 2007

Cost of obesity in France for the Health insurance (estimation 2002, ESPS 2002)

September 2007

Situation of the insured in 2006 with respect to the attending physician - France

July 2007

Prevalence of diseases and health problems according to gender - France

June 2007

Density of doctors and increase of medical students quota (numerus clausus ) - France

May 2007

Percentage of workers aged 55-65 reporting good health according to 3 dimensions of working conditions - France

April 2007

Leading causes of death in specified age groups in 2003 - France

March 2007