The Institute for Research and Information in Health Economics (IRDES), set up as a Public Interest Group (Gip) , is a research institute specialized in health economics. It is committed to providing high quality independent research for public and to facilitate evidence based decision-making to promote an efficient health system that ensures solidarity, equity and care quality. Research results are disseminated to a large audience through a range of IRDES publications, documentary products and peer-reviewed scientific publications.

IRDES brings together a multidisciplinary team of economists, sociologists, geographers, public health physicians and statisticians - about 30 researchers, supported by database managers and publishing-communication, documentation, web, IT and administrative services. The research team is enriched by collaborations with associate researchers.

The research programme covers a large number of projects: analysis of equity and access to care, behaviors of healthcare producers, territorial accessibility, determinants of health status and healthcare use, access to health insurance, regulation of pharmaceutical markets, variations in medical practices, international comparisons, etc.

IRDES has a strong expertise in the production and use of large databases, combining different sources of medical-administrative data (especially with the National Health Insurance database) and surveys. The Institute has permanent access to the National Health Data System (NHDS).

IRDES also develops and conducts periodic and targeted surveys of the general public, health professionals and companies, in order to help with research on topics related to health care and insurance.


IRDES was created on 30 January 1985 as a Research and Documentation Centre in Health Economics (CREDES), an association under the Law of 1901. Its founders, Arié and Andrée Mizrahi, were researchers in the former medical economics division of the Centre de recherche pour l'étude et l'observation des conditions de vie (CREDOC) . It became the Institute for Research and Information in Health Economics (IRDES) on 1 June 2004.

In 2015, IRDES is transformed into a Public Interest Group (GIP) in order to improve the coordination of the action of the State, the National Health Insurance and the National Solidarity Fund for Autonomy, allowing them to better articulate and rationalize the resources devoted to research, data production and expertise in health economics.


IRDES has a dual mission of applied research and production of data on the fields of health insurance and medico-social insurance. It contributes to the debate on the future of the health and social welfare system by:


The IRDES’ activity is based on three main research topics:

1. The research topic "Performance of the healthcare organization" brings together work aimed at studying changes in the healthcare supply.

2. "Health, social protection and access to health care" are aimed at clarifying the questions regarding demand and use of health care and health insurance.

3. The "Analysis of health systems and international comparisons" is carried out through international collaborations, the participation of IRDES in European research projects and the hosting of foreign researchers.

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