The Complementary health insurance survey (PSCE) deals with complementary health insurance and other provident health benefits offered by French private employers to their workforce. The survey was previously conducted in 2003 and 2009, giving rise to several studies on employer-sponsored health insurance. Since January 1, 2016, this type of coverage was generalized to the private sector, as all private employers were mandated to offer a complementary health insurance contract to their employees.

In order to assess the impact of this reform, the Direction of research, studies, evaluation and statistics (DREES) and IRDES launched a new wave of the survey in February 2017, targeting the whole scope of private employers, including establishments of overseas territories.

The National council of statistic information (CNIS) labelled this survey as meeting the criterions of public interest and statistical quality. The surveyed samples are composed of 8,000 establishments and 22,000 employees that were randomly selected and are submitted to a legal obligation to participate. The targeted numbers of respondents are respectively 4,500 establishments and 5,500 employees. Kantar Public has been chosen for the collection of the data (cf.: ).


This questionnaire collects data that enable to describe accurately the health insurance coverage offered by the firms. This data allows answering to the following questions:

  • Does the establishment propose a complementary health insurance contract?
  • Are there some statutory categories of employees that remain uncovered?
  • Which level of coverage is provided through the contract?
  • How did the coverage evolve following the generalization?
  • What share of the premium do the employers bear?
  • Does the establishment propose other provident benefits?
  • What is the wage compensation for the first three days of sick leave?

Field: all French establishments with at least one employee, including those of agricultural sector and those based in the overseas territories, and excluding those attached to the public function (state, local or hospital).

Collection method: phone interview or electronic questionnaire. Respondents are also required to provide a copy of their policy booklet.


This questionnaire targets the whole scope of the private sector employees who work in firms with two or more employees, and live in metropolitan France or in overseas territories. It collects information that aim to answer to the following questions:

  • How satisfied are the employees with their health insurance contract?
  • What do employees know about the health insurance benefits provided by their firm?
  • Who are the employees not covered by the health insurance contract of their firm and why do they remain uncovered?

Field: all private sector employees, except contractors, fee-for-services workers and trainees.

Collection method: electronic questionnaire or paper questionnaire or phone interview.

Answers to this survey remain anonymous and confidential, and are used to produce statistics only for the purpose to conduct studies and research works. In accordance with the law 51-711 issued the 7th of June 1951, the information collected are covered by the statistical secret and cannot be exploited for fiscal inspection or economic repression.