IRDES' editorial activity is twofold: first, to disseminate the results of health economics studies, research or surveys aimed at a broad audience, through the publication of Issues in health economics, a 4 to 8-page synthesis of which readability and accessibility are the main objectives. Second, to make research work available, primarily to the scientific community, through the collection of IRDES Working Papers, which bring together research articles intended for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Their purpose is to contribute to the scientific debate by serving as a support for seminars during which they are discussed in order to be enriched. The IRDES Reports, a reference collection, are a continuation of these two axes, publishing the complete results of studies, research or surveys. A new collection of books includes a series of thematic atlases on territorial disparities in health (access to healthcare, medical practices, etc.) aimed at a wide and diversified public.

These publications, all of which are available online in their full version on the IRDES website, are distributed through press releases and the IRDES Newsletter, a monthly newsletter sent to 26,000 recipients.


All IRDES editions follow a validation process. They are reviewed by researchers and specialists in the subjects (institutional and field actors). Presented at French and international research seminars and colloquia, they are discussed in order to be enriched.

The Issues in Health Economics are systematically presented during the internal seminar that can bring together all these actors: les « Mardis de l'Irdes ».