IRDES has developed a number of partnerships, either at an institutional (to fund research projects or research studies) or at a scientific level. They are listed below, with the concerned research topics where applicable. Each project is more fully detailed in the descriptive sheets available in IRDES research programme. Furthermore, the assessment and teaching activities provided by IRDES researchers are described in IRDES Activity report.


Prospere is a multidisciplinary research team on health care services whose main goal is to observe changes in the outpatient care system while producing knowledge on the performance of primary care organisations.


No database in France would allow for studies on daily allowances. In order to carry out this research project, IRDES built a database containing information related to sick leaves, the associated medical consumption, the individual and professional contexts of the employees.


The objective of HEAPS is to contribute to the research on healthy aging in France and in Europe, so as to lay the foundation for a policy initiative.


In France, information on households' net out-of-pocket health care expenses and their impact on health care access and health status remains insufficient. The project Monaco stems from a shared commitment to develop knowledge on these subjects.


Provider of the database EcoSante (, Irdes contributes to the portal, launched on the December 18th, 2013, in the framework of the policy opening up public data and developing the French Open-Data plateform.


Through this partnership, IRDES and ENSAI encourage exchanges between students, teachers, ENSAI graduates and their senior executives. They aim at promoting a synergy between them, achieved through joint actions in communication, internships, recruitment of young graduates as well as pedagogy, and statistical and econometric methods. (02/2014)

Institutional partnerships

IRDES' member institutions

These organizations contribute to the overall funding of IRDES' activities through annual grants or delegation of researchers. Furthermore, they are often involved in scientific collaborations or the funding of specific projects.

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