This section provides various tools to assist with documentary and statistical research: descriptions of databases and information sources, research methodology, bilingual glossary of terms in health economics, as well as the catalogue of journals to which IRDES subscribes.

English-French Glossary of Health Economics Terms

This new online edition of the French-English Glossary of terms, concepts and acronyms in health economics has been reviewed and expanded by the IRDES Publications and Documentation teams. In addition to terms from specialized Anglo-Saxon journals, this edition is based on the English translations of IRDES thematic syntheses, Questions d'économie de la santé (Issues in Health Economics), and on the keywords of the MeSH thesaurus (Medline). It also includes a thematic section that classifies the translated terms according to the disciplines involved (economics, sociology, geography, etc.). The translation of French Institutions on Public Health into English is now integrated into the part : Sigles - Institutions.

The Glossary is updated regularly.

October 2020

Health adress book

This directory is not an exhaustive address list. It presents a selection of the main institutions or organisations which provide information to the public on the French health care system and health issues in France.

August 2022

Getting information on Public Health in France and Europe

The document aims to help you to find reliable information on Public Health in France and in European Countries. It provides a selection of the major bibliographical and statistical resources on public health and related like health care system organisation in France and in other industrialised nations, epidemiology, social security, demographics, statistics...

July 2021