The Institute for Research and Information in Health Economics (IRDES) is an applied and multidisciplinary research centre founded in 1985. Producing scientific knowledge on the organization of the health system as well as on health, needs and practices of health professionals and healthcare users is essential to bring out policies that lead to greater efficiency, equity of access and better quality care. The proximity of researchers to the actors of the health system and the accumulated expertise on the knowledge of health data promote the relevance, quality and therefore the social added value of our analyses. Finally, research is nothing without the ability to transfer its results to decision-makers, professionals and the public.

The fields of application that IRDES investigates are part of research in economics and on policies, health care and services and health systems, combining multidisciplinary perspectives from economics, geography, sociology, demography and public health. The diversity of approaches is enriched by mixed, qualitative and quantitative analyses.

IRDES' activity is based on three main research axes:

1. Organization and regulation of health care and services

2. Social Protection, Health and Access to Care

3. Integration and financing of the health, medico-social and social sectors

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