The IRDES' research Programme consists of three parts: the presentation of the research topics; the observation tools and methods; the valorisation and dissemination of the Institute’s research work.

The IRDES' activity is based on three main research topics:

1. The research topic "Performance of the healthcare organization" brings together research work aimed at studying changes in the healthcare supply. It is structured around three main issues.

2. "Health, social protection and access to health care" are aimed at clarifying the questions regarding demand and use of health care and health insurance. The research axe is divided into four main themes.

3. The "Analysis of health systems and international comparisons" is carried out through international collaborations, the participation of IRDES in European research projects and the hosting of foreign researchers. The work gathered under this heading aims to compare health policies and their performance in order to identify new ideas and solid evidence that will improve the performance of the health care system in France. IRDES also fully contributes to the debates on economic and health policy issues within international networks.

 Download the 2018-2020 Research Programme (in French)

Observation tools and methods of analysis

IRDES contributes to the construction of the statistical observation system by carrying out and using various surveys and data matches (Health, Health Care and Insurance survey (ESPS), European Health Interview survey (EHIS), Disability Benefit Recipients Survey (Enquête Phedre), Complementary health insurance survey (PSCE)…) and by developing original and innovative methods of analysis.