Patients hospitalized for a first episode of stroke in France in 2012

March 2019

G1 … Distribution by age groups and gender


Reading: Women have their first episode of stroke later than men: 32% of strokes for women aged 75-84 versus 29% for men in the same age group.

G2 … Risk factors identified


Reading: More than 50% of patients have high blood pressure, 30% are identified by pathologies (hospital stays, long-term diseases) and, otherwise, 21% are identified by their ambulatory drug consumption.

Source: SNDS (PMSI and DCIR). IRDES exploitation. First stroke cohort 2012, adults, full strokes.

Taken from Léandre C. and Com-Ruelle L. "The Risk factors in Patients Hospitalized for a first Episode of Stroke in France". IRDES, Issues in Health Economics (240), March 2019.