Location of traumatic events experienced by undocumented immigrants in France
("Premiers Pas" ("First Steps") survey)

March 2022

Sources: The "Premiers Pas" ("First Steps") survey, weighted results, whole sample (n=1223).

Reading: 54% of the "Premier Pas" survey respondents had experienced one or several traumatic events: 33% reported that they had experienced such an event in their country of origin, 19% du- ring the migratory journey, and 14% in France.

Taken from Prieur C., Dourgnon P., Jusot F., Marsaudon A., Wittwer J., Guillaume S. "In France, One out of Six Undocumented Immigrants Suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder", IRDES, Issues in Health Economics (266), March 2022.