Pathways to retirement in Europe between 2004 and 2006 : an explanation of inter-country variations














Data: SHARE survey 2004-2006

The gradual analysis of the determinants of international differences in pathways to retirement highlights the low impact of socio-economic factors* considered separately or when grouped with those related to health . The differences between European countries are better explained when adding to the individual determinants (socio-economic and health variables), the systemic determinants respectively related to retirement and dependency / disability , or, though to a lesser extent, related to employment . Models and thus explain one quarter of the differences between European countries. Finally, when analysis include all factors, socio-economic, health and all the determinants describing the systems of social protection (employment, pension and health) , we observe that the collective effect of the three systems exceeds the sum of the effects of each system. This suggests a form of complementarity between the different systems of social protection.
* Age, household size, education level, salary status, spouse's situation vis-à-vis employment, job satisfaction, life expectancy.

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