Irdes is an independent health economic research institute funded mainly by the National Health Insurance Fund (Cnamts) and by public research grants. Irdes is committed to research for public benefit and to facilitating evidence-based decision-making to promote an efficient health system which ensures solidarity, equity and good quality health care.

Irdes's primary mission is to provide high quality independent research and reliable information for guiding national health policy. Its multidisciplinary team covers a wide range of research questions, monitors and analyses health policies, health care providers and consumers. Irdes also produces health-data (Ecosanté) and conducts periodic surveys on health, healthcare utilisation and health insurance.

Some of the most referred Irdes publications and data are:

  • Issues in Health Economics: A monthly publication (4 to 6 pages) summarising research results to a wide audience with primary objective of assuring readability and accessibility (67,000 downloads per month).
  • Working papers: aim to give quick access to research results which often take a long time for publication in peer-reviewed journals. They intend to contribute to the scientific and policy debate, used often as a base in seminars during which they are debated and enriched (52,000 downloads per month).
  • Technical reports: provide detailed background on technical data or methodological issues (43,000 downloads per month).
  • Health databases (Eco-Santé France, Eco-santé Regions, Eco-santé Québec): Irdes produces several databases, freely accessible through its website (www.ecosante.fr) containing more than 60,000 series for the analysis of health care systems.
  • Health, Health care and Insurance Survey (ESPS): conducted biannually by Irdes, with the support of National Health Insurance Fund (Cnamts) and Ministry of Health, is the only survey in France providing regular information on health status, access to health care and insurance coverage by socio-economic status. The survey, started in 1988, collects individual data from a representative sample of 8,000 households which correspond to 22,000 people. Since 2002, data at individual level are linked with the National Health Insurance Database (claims data).

All Irdes publications are freely available online. They are disseminated through two main lines of communication: press releases sent to a large public including main stakeholders in health and health insurance sector, researchers, students, major government agencies, etc. and a monthly electronic newsletter sent to more than 16,000 adherents promoting mainly ongoing research activities and publications at Irdes. Furthermore, Documentation center produces a quarterly bibliographic bulletin presenting a selection of recent literature (including gray literature) on major health themes (primary care, health insurance, provider payment, etc.).



30/01/1985: Former medical economics department of Credoc
01/06/2004: Credes becomes Irdes

13/08/2015: Status change: from a non-profit association to a Grouping of Public Interest (GIP)

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