n 226

Variations in Surgical Practices in Breast Cancer Treatment in France.
Or Z. (IRDES), Mobillion V. (Upec, IRDES), Touré M. (IRDES), Mazouni C. (Gustave Roussy), Bonastre J. (Gustave Roussy, INSERM-CESP)

n 225

Public and Private Health Insurances: How do they Contribute to Social Solidarity?
Jusot F. (Paris-Dauphine University, PSL Research University, Leda-Legos and IRDES), Legal R. (DREES), Louvel A. (DREES), Pollak C. (DREES and Paris Dauphine University Leda-Legos), Shmuel A. (Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Public Health)

n 223

The State of Public Health in France and Risk Factors
Preliminary Results of the 2014 European Health Interview Survey - The Health, Health Care and Insurance Survey (EHIS-ESPS 2014)

Pisarik J. (DREES), Rochereau T. (IRDES), In collaboration with Célant N. (IRDES)
Themes:Surveys, International_comparisons, Health_status, Health_inequalities, Pathologies, Psychiatry_and_mental_health

n 222

Compulsory Psychiatric Treatment: An Assessment of the Situation Four Years after the Implementation of the Act of 5 July 2011
Coldefy M. (Irdes), Fernandes S. (ORU-Paca, Université Aix-Marseille), In collaboration with Lapalus D. (ARS Paca)
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_geography, Hospital, Health_care_system_organisation, Health_care_trajectories, Psychiatry_and_mental_health

n 221

Accessing Cancer Care: Developments in Cancer Care from 2005 to 2012.
Bonastre J. (INSERM, Institut Gustave Roussy), Mobillion V. (Upec, IRDES), Or Z. (IRDES), Tour M. (IRDES)

n 220

Disinvestment Strategies for Pharmaceuticals: An International Review
Parkinson B., Sermet C., Clement F., Crausaz S., Godman B., Garner S., Choudhury M., Pearson S.A., Viney R., Lopert R., Elshaug A.G.
Themes: International_comparisons, Prescription_drugs

n 219

Use of Outpatient Care and Distances Travelled by Patients: Significant Differences in Regional Access to Healthcare
Com-Ruelle L., Lucas-Gabrielli V., Pierre A. (Irdes), In collaboration with Coldefy M. (Irdes)
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_geography, Hospital, Health_professions

n 217

High Out-Of-Pocket Payments: Beneficiaries' Profiles and Persistence Over Time
Franc C. (Inserm, Centre de recherche en épidémiologie et santé des populations, Université Paris-Saclay, Université Paris-Sud, UVSQ, CESP, Inserm U1018, Villejuif, Irdes), Pierre A. (Irdes)
Themes: Social_protection, Health_status, Health_expenditures

n 216

Ageing, Frailty and Health Care Expenditures
Sirven N. (Liraes (EA 4470) Université Paris Descartes, Irdes) in collaboration with Rapp T. (Liraes (EA 4470) Université Paris Descartes)
Themes: Health_expenditures, Pathologies, Ageing_and_dependence_Elderly_people

n 214

Older Adults' Satisfaction with Medical Care Coordination: A Qualitative Approach
Guillaume S. (Irdes) and Or Z. (Irdes)
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_care_system_organisation, Hospital, Health_professions, Primary_care, Ageing_and_dependence_Elderly_people

n 213

Measuring Polypharmacy in the Elderly: Impact of the Method on Prevalence and Therapeutic Classes
Le Cossec C. (Irdes) and Sermet C. (Irdes), in collaboration with Perronnin M. (Irdes)
Themes: Prescription_drugs, Pathologies, Ageing_and_dependence_Elderly_people

n 212

The Consequences of a Traumatic Tetraplegia on Forming a Union
Espagnacq M. (Irdes), Ravaud J.-F. (Inserm, IFRH)
Themes: Health_status, Disability

n 206

Variable Care Modalities for Schizophrenic Disorders in Health Care Facilities in 2011
Coldefy M., Nestrigue C. (Irdes)
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_status, Hospital, Pathologies, Psychiatry_and_mental_health

n 205

From Compulsory Psychiatric Hospitalisation to Compulsory Treatment: First Results Following the Institution of the Law of July 5th 2011
Coldefy M., Tartour T., In collaboration with Nestrigue C. (Irdes)
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Hospital, Health_care_system_organisation, Health_care_trajectories, Psychiatry_and_mental_health

n 204

Polypharmacy: definitions, measurement and stakes involved
Review of the literature and measurement tests

Mongat M. (Irdes), Sermet C. (Irdes) In collaboration with Perronnin M. (Irdes) and Rococo E. (Institut Gustave Roussy-IGR)
Themes: International_comparisons, Prescription_drugs, Ageing_and_dependence_Elderly_people

n 203

The International Migration of Doctors: Impacts and Political Implications
Moullan Y. (University of Oxford, International Migration Institute, Irdes) In collaboration with Bourgueil Y. (Irdes)
Themes: Health_professions, International_comparisons

n 202

Long-stay psychiatric hospitalisation: analysis and determinants of territorial variability
Coldefy M., Nestrigue C. (Irdes)
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_geography, Hospital, Psychiatry_and_mental_health

n HS

Index of the first 200 issues of Questions d'économie de la santé
January 1998 – July-August 2014

Themes: Activity_based_payment, Ageing_and_dependence_Elderly_people, Alcohol_tobacco, Health_and_labour, Health_care_access_and_use, Health_care_centers, Health_care_system_organisation, Health_care_trajectories, Health_expenditures, Health_geography, Health_inequalities, Health_professions, Health_status, Home_hospitalization, Hospital, Illness_costs, International_comparisons, Medical_practice, Pathologies, Prescription_drugs, Primary_care, Psychiatry_and_mental_health, Social_protection, Survey, Unmet_healthcare_needs

n 200

Experiencing the Impact of a Specific Funding Scheme for Primary Care Teams on Professional Dynamics and Inter-Professional Teamwork in France: A Qualitative Assessment
Fournier C. (Cermes3 - CNRS UMR 8211 - Inserm U988 - EHESS - Paris Descartes), Frattini M.-O. (Prospere), Naiditch M. (Irdes, Prospere)
Themes: Health_care_centers, Health_professions, Medical_practice, Primary_care

n 199

Measuring Age-related Frailty in the General Population: a Comparison of the ESPS and SHARE Surveys
Sirven N. (Irdes), In collaboration with Rochereau T. (Irdes)
Themes: Ageing_and_dependence_Elderly_people, Health_status, Health_inequalities

n 198

The 2012 Health, Health Care and Insurance Survey (ESPS)
First Results

Célant N., Dourgnon P., Guillaume S., Pierre A., Rochereau T., Sermet C. (Irdes)
Themes: Health_and_labour, Health_care_access_and_use, Health_inequalities, Health_status, Social_protection, Unmet_healthcare_needs, Survey

n 196

Reconciling General Medical Records and Health Insurance Reimbursement Data: Feasibility Study and First Results
Bourgueil Y. (Irdes, Prospere), Perlbarg J. (Irdes, Prospere), in collaboration with Allonier C. (Irdes), Boisnault P. (Prospere), Daniel F. (Irdes), Le Fur P. (Irdes, Prospere), Szidon P. (Prospere)
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_professions, Health_status, Medical_practice, Primary_care

n 195

Explaining the Non-take-up of a French Health Insurance Vouchers Program (Aide à l'acquisition d'une complémentaire santé, ACS)
Results of a Survey Conducted in 2009 among Potential Beneficiaries in Lille

Guthmuller S. (Université de Bordeaux, Isped), Jusot F. (Université Paris-Dauphine, Leda-Legos et Irdes), Renaud T. (Tecsta), Wittwer J. (Université de Bordeaux, Isped, Leda-Legos)
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_inequalities, Social_protection

n 191

Treatment modalities for Depression in Health Establishments
Coldefy M., Nestrigue C. (Irdes)
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_status, Health_care_system_organisation, Health_care_trajectories, Hospital, Psychiatry_and_mental_health

n 189

The Impact of Multi-professional Group Practices on Healthcare Supply
Evaluation Aims and Methods for "Maisons", "Pôles de Santé" and "Centres de Santé" within the Framework of Experiments with New Mechanisms of Remuneration

Afrite A., Bourgueil Y., Daniel F., Mousquès J. (Irdes) in collaboration with Couralet P.-E. and Chevillard G. (Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre La Défense, Laboratoire Mosaïques, UMR Lavue 7218, CNRS; Irdes)
Themes: Health_care_centers, Health_care_system_organisation, Medical_practice, Health_professions, Primary_care

n 188

How to Explain Why so Few Individuals Insure themselves against the Risk of Old-age Dependency? A Review of the Literature
Fontaine R. (LEG, University of Burgundy; IRDES; Médéric Alzheimer Foundation), Zerrar N. (LEDa-Legos, Paris-Dauphine University)
Themes: Ageing_and_dependence_Elderly_people, International_comparisons, Social_protection

n° 187

The Diffusion of New Anti-diabetic drugs: an International Comparison
Pichetti S. (Irdes), Sermet C. (Irdes), Van der Erf S. (Cnamts)
Themes: International_comparisons, Health_expenditures, Prescription_drugs

n° 186

Hospital Activity, Productivity and Quality of Care before and after Activity-based Funding (T2A)
Bonastre J., Journeau F. (IGR, Institut Gustave Roussy), Nestrigue C., Or Z. (Irdes)
Themes: Hospital, Activity_based_payment

n° 185

Is Follow-Up Dental Care for Diabetic Patients Adapted? Exploitation of ESPS 2008
Rochereau T. (Irdes), Azogui-Lévy (Université Paris-Diderot and Inserm U1018 CESP)
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_inequalities, Health_status, Social_protection

n 184

Frailty and Preventing the Loss of Autonomy A Health Economics Approach
Sirven N. (Irdes)
Themes: Ageing_and_dependence_Elderly_people, Health_inequalities, Health_status

n 183

The Impact of the Long-term Illness Scheme (LTI) on Inequalities in the Utilisation of Ambulatory Care Between 1998 and 2008
Dourgnon P. (Irdes ; Université Paris-Dauphine, Leda-Legos), Or Z. (Irdes), Sorasith C. (Irdes)
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_expenditures, Health_inequalities, Social_protection

n 182

The Effect of Interventions Targeting Tobacco Consumption: a Review of Literature Reviews
Grignon M. (Center for Health Economics and Policy Analysis, McMaster University ; Irdes), Reddock J.
Themes: Alcohol_tobacco, International_comparisons

n 180

The Evolution of Psychiatric Care Systems in Germany, England, France and Italy: Similarities and Differences
Coldefy M. (Irdes)
Themes: Health_care_system_organisation, International_comparisons, Psychiatry_and_mental_health

n 179

In What Way Can Primary Care Contribute to Reducing Health Inequalities? A Review of Research Literature
Bourgueil Y., Jusot F., Leleu H. and the AIR project group
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_inequalities, International_comparisons, Health_care_system_organisation, Primary_care

n 178

How to Explain Price Gaps between Me-too Drugs? A 2001-2009 Panel-data Analysis
Bergua L. (CHU de Rouen), Cartier T. (Université Paris Diderot, Sorbonne Paris Cité, Irdes), Célant N. (Irdes), Pichetti S. (Irdes), Sermet C. (Irdes), Sorasith C. (Irdes)
Themes: Health_expenditures, International_comparisons, Prescription_drugs

n 174

Local Potential Accessibility (LPA): A New Measure of Accessibility to Private General Practitioners
Barlet M. (Drees), Coldefy M. (Irdes), Collin C. (Drees), Lucas-Gabrielli V. (Irdes)
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_geography, Primary_care

n 173

CMU-C Beneficiaries Self-report more Illness than the Rest of the Population. Results of the ESPS 2006-2008 surveys
Allonier C. (Irdes), Boisguérin B. (Drees), Le Fur P. (Irdes)
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_inequalities, Health_status, Pathologies, Social_protection, Unmet_healthcare_needs

n 172

Immigrants' Health Status and Use of Healthcare Services: A Review of French Research
Berchet C., Jusot F. (Leda-Legos, Paris-Dauphine University ; Irdes)
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_inequalities, Health_status

n 170

Giving up on Health Care for Economic Reasons: an Econometric Approach
Desprès C. (Irdes), Dourgnon P. (Irdes ; Paris-Dauphine University, Leda-Legos), Fantin R. (Irdes), Jusot F. (Paris-Dauphine University, Leda-Legos ; Irdes)
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_inequalities, Health_status, Social_protection, Unmet_healthcare_needs

n 169

Healthcare Renunciation: a Socio-anthropological Approach
Desprès C. (Irdes), Dourgnon P. (Irdes ; Paris-Dauphine University, Leda-Legos), Fantin R. (Irdes), Jusot F. (Paris-Dauphine University, Leda-Legos ; Irdes)
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_inequalities, Health_status, Social_protection, Unmet_healthcare_needs

n 168

The Effects of Welfare State Intervention on the Living Condition of Europeans Aged 50 and Over
First Results of SHARELIFE on Life Histories

Briant N., Lenormand M.-C., Sirven N.
Themes: Ageing_and_dependence_Elderly_people, International_comparisons, Health_inequalities, Health_status, Survey

n 166

Relationship between Perceived Labour Market Rewards and the Health of Senior Workers
Lengagne P.
Themes: Ageing_and_dependence_Elderly_people, International_comparisons, Health_and_labour, Health_inequalities, Health_status

n 165

Do Individuals Using the 21 Health Care Centres Participating in the EPIDAURE-CDS Study Have a Lower Socio-Economic Status?
Afrite A., Bourgueil Y., Dufournet M., Mousquès J.
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_care_centers, Health_geography, Health_inequalities, Health_status, Primary_care, Social_protection

n 164

Travel Distances and Travel Times to Nearest Health Care in Metropolitan France
Coldefy M., Com-Ruelle L., Lucas-Gabrielli V. (Irdes)
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_geography, Health_professions, Primary_care

n 163

Do the Transformations in Health Care Supply Correspond to General Medical Care Users' Concerns?
Krucien N., Le Vaillant M., Pelletier-Fleury N. (Cermes-Prospere)
Themes: Health_care_system_organisation, Health_professions, Medical_practice, Primary_care

n 162

Take-up Rate of a Subsidising Scheme for Acquiring a Complementary Health Insurance in France: Key Findings from a Social Experiment in Lille
Guthmuller S. (Leda-Legos), Jusot F. (Leda-Legos, Irdes), Wittwer J., in collaboration with Desprès C. (Irdes)
Themes: Health_inequalities, Social_protection

n 160

The Health of Older Workers in Europe: Results of SHARE 2006
Lenormand M.-C., Sermet C., Sirven N.
Themes: Ageing_and_dependence_Elderly_people, Health_and_labour, Health_inequalities, Health_status, International_comparisons

n 157

Group Practice Dynamics Among Private General Practitioners from 1998 to 2009
Baudier F. (ARS), Bourgueil Y. (Irdes), Evrard I. (Irdes), Gautier A. (Inpes), Le Fur P. (Irdes), Mousquès J. (Irdes)
Themes: Medical_practice, Health_professions, Primary_care

n 156

Drug-prescription Management in Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions
Clerc P., Le Breton J., Mousquès J., Hebbrecht G., de Pouvourville G.
Themes: Health_professions, Health_status, Medical_practice, Pathologies, Prescription_drugs, Primary_care

n 153

What Would be the Optimal Subsidy to Encourage Subscription to Supplementary Health Insurance?
Grignon M., Kambia-Chopin B. (McMaster University, Irdes)
Themes: Health_inequalities, Social_protection

n 152

Asthma Patients' Ambulatory Care Expenditures in 2006
Com-Ruelle L., Da Poian M.-T., Le Guen N.
Themes: Health_expenditures, Health_status, Pathologies, Prescription_drugs

n 150

Who Took out Additional Supplementary Health Insurance? A dynamic Analysis of Adverse-Selection
Franc C. (Cermes, Inserm U988, CNRS UMR8211), Perronnin M. (Irdes), Pierre A. (Irdes), in collaboration with Cases C. (Ined)
Themes: Health_expenditures, Social_protection

n 148

Pathways to Retirement in Europe: Individual Determinants and the Role of Social Protection.
Debrand T., Sirven N.
Themes: Ageing_and_dependence_Elderly_people, Health_and_labour, Health_inequalities, International_comparisons, Social_protection

n 147

An Exploratory Evaluation of Multidisciplinary Primary Care Group Practices in Franche-Comté and Bourgogne.
Bourgueil Y. (Irdes, Prospere), Clément M.-C. (Irdes, Prospere), Couralet P.-E. (Irdes), Mousquès J. (Irdes, Prospere), Pierre A. (Irdes)
Themes: Health_care_centers, Health_care_system_organisation, Health_geography, Health_professions, Medical_practice

n 146

Immigrants' Use of Office-Based Healthcare in France.
Dourgnon P., Jusot F., Sermet C., Silva J.
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_inequalities, Health_status

n 144

Estimating French GPs Weekly Working Hours by Activity - A summary of available data.
Le Fur P. with the collaboration of Bourgueil Y. and Cases C.
Themes: Health_care_system_organisation, Health_professions, Medical_practice, Primary_care

n 143

Cost-of-Illness Studies: a Five-Country Methodological Comparison - Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the Netherlands.
Heijink R. (RIVM), Renaud T. (Irdes)
Themes: Health_status, Health_expenditures, Illness_cost, International_comparisons, Pathologies

n 142

Self-Assessed Health of Individuals Aged 55 and over in France and Québec: Differences and Similarities.
Camirand J. (ISQ), Sermet C. (Irdes) , Dumitru V. (ISQ), Guillaume S. (Irdes)
Themes: Health_inequalities, Health_status, International_comparisons, Pathologies

n 141

Three Models of Primary Care Organisation in Europe, Canada, Australia and New-Zealand.
Bourgueil Y., Marek A., Mousquès J. (Prospere/Irdes)
Themes: Health_care_system_organisation, Health_professions, International_comparisons, Medical_practice, Primary_care

n 140

Hospital at Home (HAH), a Structured, Individual Care Plan for all Patients.
Afrite A. (Irdes), Chaleix M. (Drees), Com-Ruelle L. (Irdes), Valdelièvre H. (Drees)
Themes: Health_care_trajectories, Home_hospitalization

n 138

Asthma in France in 2006: Prevalence and Control of Symptoms.
Afrite A., Allonier C., Com-Ruelle L., Le Guen N., with the collaboration of Annesi-Maesano I., Delmas M.-C., Furhman C., Leynaert B.
Themes: Health_status, Pathologies

n 137

SHARE, the Survey of Health, Ageing, and Retirement in Europe goes longitudinal - Data from wave 2 is now available.
Barangé C., Eudier V., Sirven N.
Themes: Ageing_and_dependence_Elderly_people, International_comparisons, Survey

n 136

GPs Teamed up with Nurses: a Skill Mix Experiment Improves Management ot Type 2 Diabetes Patients.
Bourgueil Y., Le Fur P., Mousquès J., Yilmaz E.
Themes: Health_care_system_organisation, Health_professions, Medical_practice, Primary_care

n 134

Referral to Specialist Consultations in France in 2006 and Changes since the 2004 Health Insurance Reform.
Le Fur P., Yilmaz E.
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_professions, Health_care_trajectories, Social_protection

n 132

Complementary Health Insurance in France in 2006: Access is Still Unequal
Kambia-Chopin B., Perronnin M., Pierre A., Rochereau T.
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_inequalities, Social_protection, Unmet_healthcare_needs

n 130

Explaining the Strong Disparities Observed in the CMU-C Clientele of Independent Practitioners?
Cases C., Lucas-Gabrielli V., Perronnin M., To M.
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_inequalities, Health_professions, Social_protection

n 128

Delisting of Mucolytics and Expectorants: What is the Impact on General Practitioners' Prescribing?
Devaux M., Grandfils N., Sermet C.
Themes: Health_expenditures, Health_professions, Medical_practice, Prescription_drugs, Primary_care

n 127

Medical Group Practice in Primary Care in Six European Countries, in Ontario and Quebec: What are theLessons for France?
Bourgueil Y., Marek A., Mousquès J.
Themes: Health_care_system_organisation, Health_professions, International_comparisons, Medical_practice, Primary_care

n 124

Introducing Gate Keeping in France: first assessment of the preferred doctor scheme reform.
Dourgnon P., Guillaume S., Naiditch M., Ordonneau C.
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_care_trajectories, Health_professions, Social_protection, Unmet_healthcare_needs

n 122

Improving the geographical distribution of practitioners: the measures adopted in France.
Bourgueil Y., Mousquès J. , Marek A., Tajahmadi A.
Themes: Health_care_system_organisation, Health_geography, Health_professions

n 121

Helping the poor to acquire a complementary health insurance: an initial appraisal of the ACS system.
Franc C., Perronnin M.
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_expenditures, Health_inequalities, Social_protection

n 119

Hospital at home, an economical alternative for rehabilitative care.
Afrite A., Com-Ruelle L., Or Z., Renaud T.
Themes: Activity_based_payment, Health_expenditures, Home_hospitalization

n 118

Inequality of opportunities in health: the influence of parents' social status and health status.
Devaux M., Jusot F., Trannoy A., Tubeuf S.
Themes: Health_and_labour, Health_inequalities, Health_status

n 116

Improving the geographical distribution of health professionals: What the literature tells us.
Bourgueil Y., Mousquès J., Tajahmadi A.
Themes: Health_care_system_organisation, Health_professions, International_comparisons

n 113

Why patients attending free health centres seek care Precalog Survey 1999-2000.
Collet M. (Drees), Menahem G., Picard H.
Themes: Health_care_access_and_use, Health_care_centers, Health_inequalities

n 111

Expenditure on prevention and care by disease in France.
Fénina A., Geffroy Y., Minc C., Renaud T., Sarlon E, Sermet C.
Themes: Health_expenditures, Health_status

n 109

Effects of health on the labour force participation of older persons in Europe.
Barnay T., Debrand T.
Themes: Ageing_and_dependence_Elderly_people, Health_and_labour, Health_status, International_comparisons

n 99

The politics of drug reimbursement in England, France and Germany.
N'Guyen L., Or Z., Paris V. , Sermet C.
Themes: Health_expenditures, International_comparisons, Prescription_drugs

n 96

Are measures of health and economic activity comparable in european surveys?
Barnay T., Jusot F. , Rochereau T. , Sermet C.
Themes: Ageing_and_dependence_Elderly_people, Health_and_labour, Health_status, International_comparisons, Survey

n 95

The participation of nurses in primary care in six European countries, Ontario and Quebec.
Bourgueil Y., Marek A., Mousquès J.
Themes: Health_care_system_organisation, Health_professions, International_comparisons, Medical_practice, Primary_care

n 93

Policies for reducing inequalities in health, what role can the health system play? A European perspective
Part II: Experience from Europe.

Couffinhal A. (WorldBank), Dourgnon P. (Irdes),Geoffard P.-Y. (PSE), Grignon M. (McMaster University), Jusot F. (Irdes), Lavis J. (McMaster University), Naudin F. (CETAF), Polton D. (Irdes)
Themes: Health_care_system_organisation, Health_inequalities, International_comparisons

n 92

Policies for reducing inequalities in health, what role can the health system play? A European perspective
Part I: Determinants of social inequalities in health and the role of the healthcare system

Couffinhal A. (WorldBank), Dourgnon P. (Irdes),Geoffard P.-Y. (PSE), Grignon M. (McMaster University), Jusot F. (Irdes), Lavis J. (McMaster University), Naudin F. (CETAF), Polton D. (Irdes)
Themes: International_comparisons, Health_care_system_organisation, Health_inequalities

n 91

The development of hospital care at home:an investigation of Australian, British and Canadian experiences.
Chevreul K., Com-Ruelle L., Midy F., Paris V.
Themes: Health_care_system_organisation, Home_hospitalization, International_comparisons