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Produced by IRDES documentation centre, Doc Veille, a bimonthly publication, presents by theme the latest articles and reports in Health Economics: both peer-reviewed and grey literature.

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Updated monthly, this section presents a selection of books, websites and working papers published by world-wide universities and research institutes specialised in Health Economics and related domains.


Next participation of Irdes Researchers in International Conferences

Irdes news

Workshop on Health and Labour Policy Evaluation (HLPE)

Organised by IRDES, this international seminar on health and labour policy evaluation will take place in Paris 1-3 February 2017.


 Call for papers


3rd IRDES Workshop on Applied Health Economics and Policy Evaluation

This third international seminar on health economics and public policy evaluation, organised by IRDES, will take place in Paris 22-23 June 2017.


Harkness Fellowship

The Commonwealth Fund is currently inviting applications for its Harkness Fellowships in Health Care Policy and Practice, providing a unique opportunity for mid-career health services researchers and practitioners to spend up to 12 months in the United States, conducting original research and working with leading U.S. health policy experts. Two Irdes researchers have been awarded the Harkness Fellowship: Julien Mousquès in 2015 and Paul Dourgnon in 2016.

 More information on the Commonwealth Fund website

Recent Publications

IRDES publishing

Ageing, Frailty and Health Care Expenditures

Sirven N. (Liraes (EA-4470), Université Paris Descartes, IRDES), in collaboration with Rapp T. (Liraes (EA-4470), Université Paris Descartes)

Issues in Health Economics (216), March 2016

In the context of an ageing population and rising health care expenditures, frailty emerges as an interesting notion regarding the consequences of ageing for both health professionals and regulatory policies. It is defined as a decrease in the resistance of the person dealing with stress, which increases her vulnerability and exposes her to the risk of adverse health outcomes, such as falls, and progression towards functional dependence. So far, some of the rise in health expenditure was often attributed to a mechanical effect of age, which failed to take into account the concept of frailty in multivariate analyses. The same age category could indeed conceal different individual situations. Could frailty contribute to reveal these differences? Using data from the Health, Health Care and Insurance Survey (Enquête santé et protection sociale, ESPS) matched to data from the Health Insurance, we test the hypothesis that frailty is one of the determinants of the elderly people's individual health costs. The analysis thus shows that, in 2012, the average amount of outpatient (ambulatory) health expenses of people aged 65 and over increases with the level of frailty.

IRDES researchers' publications in other venues

Voluntary Health Insurance in Europe: Role and Regulation.

Sagan A., Thomson S. (Eds), with the contribution of Perronnin M., Observatory Studies Series ; 43. Copenhagen: WHO Regional Office for Europe, 2016, 122 p.


Chevreul K., Berg Brigham K., Perronnin M. in Voluntary Health Insurance in Europe: Country Experience, Sagan A., Thomson S. (Eds), Observatory Studies Series ; 42. Copenhagen: WHO Regional Office for Europe, Chapter 11, 2016, 51-56.

Active Ageing beyond the Labour Market: Evidence on the Role of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Rewards at Work.

Pollak C., Sirven N., Review of Social Economy, April 2016, 1-27.


Geographical Disparities in Prescription Practices of Lithium and Clozapine: a Community-based Study.

Verdoux H., Pambrun E., Cortaredona S., Coldefy M., Le Neindre C., Tournier M., Verger P., Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, vol 133, 6, June 2016, 470-480.

3 questions to...

... Nicolas Sirven, on the occasion of the publication of Issues in Health Economics (216), March 2016: "Ageing, Frailty and Health Care Expenditures", realised in collaboration with Thomas Rapp

  • What are the issues and contributions of the concept of frailty in terms of health economics?
  • Your study is testing whether frailty and health costs are related: what are the main results?
  • What are the lessons learned from your study in terms of public policy and what are the developments you are thinking on this issue?

Read the interview

International Networks

  • The Wennberg International Collaborative is a research network committed to improving healthcare by examining organizational and regional variations in health care resources, utilization, and outcomes. This is a global community of scholars interested in comparative measurement particularly across a country's regions and health care organizations. The network's goal is to advance the understanding of the causes and consequences of unwarranted variations (i.e. variations in health care not explained by differences in population needs or preferences) around the world, leading to clinical improvement and policy change. IRDES is part of this network since its inception in 2010.
    Zeynep Or will attend the Wennberg international collaborative Fall Research Meeting 2016 which will be held 12-14 September, 2016 in Oxford, United Kingdom.
  • European Health Policy Group (EHPG) is an informal, collegial and multidisciplinary network aiming to stimulate international collaboration and learning through meetings in the spring and autumn of each year for comparative and multidisciplinary analysis of European systems of health care and their evolution. The objective of EHPG meetings is to learn about experience of other European countries and from perspectives of other disciplines. One objective of the meetings is to foster opportunities for collaboration between authors from different countries and different disciplines.
    Zeynep Or, who is in the scientific organisation committee, will attend the next EHPG meeting which will be hosted 22 and 23 September 2016 in London, United Kingdom.

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