1st-3rd February 2017


We are pleased to announce the upcoming international Workshop on Health and Labour Policy Evaluation (HLPE), organised by the Institute for Research and Information in Health Economics (Irdes). It will take place in Paris, France at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris, on 1st to 3rd February 2017. The aim of this workshop is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and research results across a wide range of issues in the field of labour and health economics and their implications for public policy.

You are invited to submit a full paper before the 10th October 2016 (12:00 PM, Paris Time). Papers will be selected by the scientific committee on the basis of full drafts (written in English). An Abstract and keywords (up to five) should precede the body of the text, on a separate page. Authors have to submit their complete papers in PDF format at: "Registration and submission".

The topics covered by the workshop include, but are not limited to: health at work, determinants of sickness absences, employer incentives to curb absences and disability, flexicurity and well-being, impact of health status and disability on employment trajectories, ageing and labour participation, retirement and health, disability insurance and labour market participation, workers' compensation, policy evaluation and cross-country comparisons regarding all the above-mentioned issues. The call for papers is open to both theoretical and empirical analyses.

The scientific committee is composed of Eve Caroli (University of Paris-Dauphine), Monica Galizzi (University of Massachusetts Lowell), Pierre Koning (VU University Amsterdam and Leiden University), Christine le Clainche (University of Lille), Marc Perronnin (Irdes), Émile Tompa (Institute for Work & Health, Centre for Research on Work Disability Policy, McMaster University) and Dalla Lana (School of Public Health).

The program will include invited sessions and about fifteen selected paper presentations.

The registration is free-of-charge for speakers, co-authors of selected papers and participants without paper presentation. Please note that registration will be open to participants without paper presentation but subject to availability.

The local organizing committee: Anissa Afrite (Research Fellow, IRDES), Pascale Lengagne (Workshop Coordinator, Senior Research Fellow, IRDES), Camille Regaert (Research Fellow, IRDES).

Supporting team: Khadidja Ben Larbi (Assistant), Suzanne Chriqui (Communications Officer), Franck-Severin Clerembault (Graphic & Layout Designer), Anne Evans (Senior Editor), Anna Marek (Assistant Editor), Aude Sirvain (Webmaster).

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