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Scaling up projects and initiatives for better health: from concepts to practice.

Copenhague : OMS Bureau régional de l'Europe, 2016

Scaling up means expanding or replicating innovative pilot or small-scale projects to reach more people and/or broaden the effectiveness of an intervention. Using a review of narrative literature and the results of a survey of key informants in 10 WHO Member States that are also members of the Regions for Health Network (RHN), this publication addresses the practical challenges of scaling up activities and provides a tool box for handling them. This book integrates and describes tools from various practical guidelines, and is structured in line with a guide to scaling up developed in New South Wales, Australia. By providing references to frameworks, models and practical experience, WHO and RHN hope to raise awareness of the critical factors that promote or hinder scaling up, to encourage the use of supportive tools and to promote the further exchange of experience and practical knowledge (résumé de l'éditeur).

Health Economics.

Phelps C.E.
Boston : Pearson, 2013

Health Economics combines current economic theory, recent research, and health policy problems into a comprehensive overview of the field. This thorough update of a classic and widely used text follows author Charles E. Phelps' thirteen years of service as Provost of the University of Rochester. Accessible and intuitive, early chapters use recent empirical studies to develop essential methodological foundations. Later chapters build on these core concepts to focus on key policy areas, such as the structure and effects of Medicare reform, insurance plans, and new technologies in the health care community. This edition contains revised and updated data tables and contains information throughout the text on the latest changes that were made to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

Mental health Outcome Measures.

Thornicroft G. / éd., Tansella M. / éd.
Londres : Royal College of Physicians, 2001

Evidence-based medicine demands that clinical outcomes are measurable and practicable. Yet mental health outcomes have always been notoriously difficult to quantify. This book guides the reader through the minefield of outcome measurement, providing the building blocks for evidence-based mental health service provision and evaluation. This new edition charts the increased range of outcome domains that are now measurable, while reflecting a new emphasis on positive outcomes and recovery, and the central role of the service user's experience.


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