Preliminary Program

Session 1 - Mental health
Chair: Zeynep Or (Irdes)

Mental Health Literacy, Beliefs and Demand for Mental Health Support among University Students
Vahid Moghani (Erasmus School of Economics, Netherlands), Michelle Acampora, Francesco Capozza

Is Delayed Mental Health Treatment Detrimental for Labor Market Status?
Roger Prudon (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Session 2 - Integrated Care
Chair: Brigitte Dormont (Université Paris-Dauphine)

The Impact of Bundling Payment on Health System Cost: Real world evidence from Ontario’s Integrated Funding Models
Walter P Wodchis (University of Toronto, Canada), Kevin Walker, Maritt Kirst, Ruth Hall, Gaya Embuldeniya

Session 3 - Insurance, Health and Work
Chair: Aurélie Pierre (Irdes)

Workers', Moral Hazard versus Insurer Effort in Disability Insurance
Pierre Koning (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands), Max van Lent

Job destruction, disability and mortality
Pascale Lengagne (Irdes, France)

Session 4 - Nursing and physician workforce
Chair: Erin Strumpf (McGill University, Montreal, Canada)

Do non-monetary interventions improve staff retention? Evidence from English NHS hospitals
Melisa Sayli, Giuseppe Moscelli, Jo Blanden, Chris Bojke, Marco Mello (University of Surrey, United Kingdom)

French physicians' responses to overbilling restrictions
Aimee Kingsada, Anne-Laure Samson (LEM, Université de Lille)

Session 5 - Health behaviour
Chair: Owen O'Donnell (University of Macedonia and Erasmus University)

Effect of Smoking Bans on Smoking during Pregnancy: Evidence from Germany
Johanna Zenzes (University of Cologne, Germany)

Staying Sick but Feeling Better, The impact of health shocks on health perceptions and behaviors
Jannis Stockel, Pieter Bakx, and Bram Wouterse (Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management)

Session 6 - Delivery and quality of care
Chair: Sylvain Pichetti (Irdes)

The effect of hospital ownership on quality of care in elective and emergency orthopaedic surgery. An instrumental variable approach using German hospital claims data
Stefan Rabbe, Ricarda Milstein (Universitet Hamburg/Hamburg Center for Health Economics, Germany), Jonas Schreyogg

Treatment variation across providers of care. The case of breast cancer
Andreea Panturu (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands), Bram Wouterse, Arthur Hayen

Session 7 - Long term care and population health
Chair: Jérôme Wittwer (Université de Bordeaux)

The impact of contracting formal care benefits on informal care provision and caregiver well-being: evidence from Japan - Manuscript
The impact of contracting formal care benefits on informal care provision and caregiver well-being: evidence from Japan - Appendix
Rong Fu (Waseda University, School of Commerce, Japan), Dung Le, Yoko Ibuka

Distributionally Sensitive Measurement of Population Health with an Application to Disease Prioritization in Sub-Saharan Africa
Shaun Da Costa , Owen O'Donnell, Raf Van Gestel (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands)