New Frontiers In Health Policy Evaluation European Health Policy Group (EHPG)
April 29-30th 2010

Zeynep Or







Thursday 29th April

2.00 pm

Assessing new models of hospital governance in Europe: how much real change?
Authors: Richard Saltman, Antonio Duran and Hans Dubois
Discussant: Nick Mays
Chair: Terkel Christiansen

3.00 pm

Improving cancer detection, treatment and survival through new governance
Authors: Thomas Oliver, Louise Trubek, Toby Campbell, Matt Mokrohisky and Chih-Ming Liang
Discussant: Victor Rodwin
Chair: Mark McCarthy

4.30 pm

Concentration of services for thoracic surgery: a register-based study of changes in quality and efficiency

Authors: Emma Medin, Pia Maria Jonsson, Torbjorn Ivert, Clas Rehnberg
Discussant: Petra Riemer-Hommel
Chair: Gwyn Bevan

5.30 pm

Plenary on the French health care system by Lise Rochaix

Chair: Zeynep Or

Friday 30th April

10.00 am

Policies for health care cost control

Author: Joe White
Discussant: Rudolf Klein
Chair: Francis Dickinson

11.30 am

Understanding complex system reform in the English national health service: a realist evaluation
Authors: Ross Millar, Martin Powell, Abeda Mulla and Anna Dixon
Discussant: Ken Thorpe
Chair: Judith Smith