Some useful addresses in the insurance field


This is the Cnam's (National Health Insurance Fund for Salaried Workers) directory of health professions. Searches can be made by name, identification number, profession, or département (geographical subdivision of a region).

University Documentation System

Système universitaire de documentation

This database describes the 3400 documentary institutions which contribute to the Sudoc network activities. It helps to identify and locate these institutions, and to use the related services (address, opening, particular services, etc.).

Directory of university libraries

Annuaire des bibliothèques universitaires (ou services communs de documentation universitaire).

CNRS directories

Annuaires du CNRS

Directory of French teaching hospitals

Annuaire des CHU

This site gives the addresses of the 32 French teaching hospitals, and also provides information on current teaching hospital developments by displaying numerous articles (searches by teaching hospital, theme or free text).

Directory of the French Dentist Board

Directory of dental schools

Annuaire des facultés dentaires

List made available by the National Dental Association (Ordre national des chirurgiens dentistes).

World directory of medical schools

Annuaire des facultés de médecine dans le monde

Directory of the pharmaceutical industry

Annuaire de l'industrie pharmaceutique

This directory, compiled by the Quotidien du médecin lists all professionals in the pharmaceutical industry (pharmaceutical industry, veterinary medicine, para-pharmacy, unions and associations, official bodies, partners, suppliers). Searches can be conducted by 6 criteria: the firm's name, the group's name, the type of institution (official body, pharmaceutical industry, etc.), the type of service (consulting firm, translation firm, etc.), the therapeutic class (analgesics, diuretics, bio-materials, medical material, etc.) and the département (geographical subdivision of a region).

Directory of practicing physicians

Annuaire des médecins en exercice

The CNOM - French Medical Association (Conseil national de l'ordre des médecins) put its national file on the  practicing physicians online: searches can be conducted by medical specialty, physician's name, city, or zip-code

Multimedia directory for health and social services

Annuaire multimédia de la santé et du social

This directory  provides information on health care professionals by specialty and region, as well as on health establishments in the largest sense of the term (medical and social organizations and administrations, associations, merchandizing services...) by region and type of activity.

Directory of Social Security Organizations

Annuaire des organismes de Sécurité sociale

Annuaire politi

Database containing hospital-care information for health professionals. The data is from two other directories: "Annuaire politi" and "Annuaire national de l'ingénierie hospitalière et biomédicale".

Directory of health professions (

Collective catalogue of France

Catalogue collectif de France


Directory of the Inserm (National Institute for Health and Medical Research). The directory lists the Inserm's laboratories and research projects.

DIRLINE (Directory of Information Ressources onLine)

DIRLINE is the US National Library of Medicine database which contains information on organizations. It includes a category of organizations which specialize in research on the organization of care, the evaluation of technologies, and the development of guidelines.

EDIRC, Directory of Economics Departments, Institutes, and Research Centers in the World

EDIRC, l'annuaire international des centres de recherche en économie

The EDIRC is an international directory which contains the Internet addresses of institutes, departments, and research centers specialized in economics. Searches can be made by country, field of research, or type of organization. Health economics, public economics, and econometrics are among the fields included. 

Finess - National directory of health and social establishments

FINESS (Fichier National des Etablissements Sanitaires et Sociaux)

The server provides the general public with access to some of the information in the Finess directory. It contains data on the structures authorized to install health or social services equipment (legal registration address), as well as on the premises where this equipment is installed and where the corresponding health or social services are performed (establishments). Also included are health establishments (hospitals and other care facilities, laboratories, and pharmacies), social services establishments (for the elderly, young handicapped people, disabled adults, children, and deprived adult populations), and establishments which provide professional instruction or training courses for health and social workers. You can search the database with or without assistance. Once you have specified the geographical information (region, "département" i.e. geographical subdivision of a region, or township), establishments can be identified by their Finess number (i.e. their record number in the Directory) , official name, type of establishment, or legal status. For example, a hospital will show the following data: address, some general administrative information, and some indications on authorized capacity by discipline.

Directory of statistics producers in France

Services publics producteurs de statistiques en France

The CNIS - French National Council for Statistical Information (Conseil national de l'information statistique) lists the important statistic-producing organizations in France and their fields of inquiry: farms and businesses, households, local administrative bodies, other (public establishments, associations...). A category is called "Santé, protection sociale" (Health and Social Security).

Directory of cancer prevention and treatment centers

Répertoire des centres de lutte contre le cancer

General information on cancer prevention and treatment centers (missions, legal status, operations, addresses, and telephone numbers)