AP - HM (Marseille public hospital system)

AP - HM (Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Marseille)

The site is comprised of general information on Marseilles' public hospital system (history, mission, key figures, prevention campaigns, medical and paramedical training, and research facilities), useful information (hospital maps, explanations of hospitalization formalities, listing of hospital careers, information on patients rights).

AP - HP (Paris Public Hospital System)

AP - HP (Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris)

The site contains an overview of the Paris Hospital System, information on its various wards and departments, and practical information for patients. The home page offers the following:

  • Getting to know the AP-HP better (hospital maps, emergency wards and facilities open around the clock, missions, staffing, equipment and facilities, medical breakthroughs, projects, key figures),
  • For patients: procedures, where to go and who to see, patients' rights, patients' right to express satisfaction ratings, information on transfusions and blood screening practices, HAD (home care) and AP-HP gerontology,
  • Hospitals, wards, consultations, physicians: the search engine enables you to find the desired personnel or wards,
  • Emergency units (wards, around-the-clock wards, admission procedures and restrictions),
  • History and heritage: information on the AP-HP's past and on its information services.

Rouen teaching hospital

The site provides reference information and a well-documented directory to French-language medical websites.