Directory of university libraries

Annuaire des bibliothèques universitaires (ou services communs de documentation universitaire).

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Directory of libraries worldwide

Bibliothèques dans le monde (Les)

BDIC - Library of Contemporary International Documentation

Bibliothèque de Documentation Internationale Contemporaine (BDIC)

The BDIC contains tens of thousands of references on bilateral relations between countries (political,economic, and cultural). In addition to works of diplomatic focus published by the world's most powerful nations, there are numerous works edited by regional and international organizations.

BNF - National Library of France

BNF (Bibliothèque Nationale de France)

This site provides :

  • Presentation of the BNF (history, missions, organization, activities),
  • Presentation of the documents collection (constitution, organization location),
  • Presentation of and directions to the following on-line catalogues:
  • Reader services,
  • BNF publications,
  • Formalities for reproducing and reserving documents,
  • Pedagogical kits based on heritage collections,
  • Copyright information,
  • Professional information for librarians,
  • links to other web-sites.

BIU - Inter-University Health Library

BIU Santé (Bibliothèque Inter-Universitaire de Santé)

The BIU Santé server provides general information about the library system as well as a database for medical theses (since 1985), recent acquisitions, medical conferences and congresses from the last few years, a directory of medical libraries, and a screen display of extremely old medical works.

BPI - Public Information Library

BPI (Bibliothèque Publique d'Information)

The Library contains a range of encyclopaedic collections of materials that include up-to-date documents in every possible format: printed materials, sound and visual documents, digital materials. They give access to knowledge, entertainment and culture, information and lifelong learning, and can be consulted on the spot. Catalogue available on line.

Collective catalogue of France

Catalogue collectif de France

The Collective catalogue encompasses:

  • The consolidated catalogue of municipal library collections (2 million documents available nationwide),
  • BN Opale Plus: catalogue of national heritage collections of printed books or periodical, French and foreign, constituted via copyright law, donations, purchase or exchange since the 16th century),
  • The catalogue of universities libraries (books, dissertations, periodicals, electronic or audio-visual documents, and maps belonging to the 110 university libraries).

Simplified searches can be conducted (author, title or year) as well as more detailed searches (using and (et), or (ou) except (sauf) and by specifying the type of document. Reference and location information is provided for each document, but the search can be very slow.

British Library

This database contains references for some 20,000 periodicals to which the British Library currently subscribes as well as for 16,000 write-ups of conferences published yearly in a variety of fields: science, technology, medicine, social and human sciences, law... Access with an admission charge.

NLM - National Library of Medicine)

NLM (National Library of Medicine)

This site provides access to the NLM's periodical catalogue (USA).

University Documentation System

Système universitaire de documentation

The catalogue enables you to conduct bibliographic searches throughout the French university library system for all types of documents and periodicals, and indicates in which of the system's 2,900 establishments your document is located. The directory of resource centers provides useful information on the system's libraries., directory listing theses in France" lists electronic theses in progress or completed. It provides information on the research topics and names of Ph.D candidates in engineering, finance, and management, and covers doctoral work from the planning stages to the defense.