Zeynep Or (Irdes)


HSPM is an innovative platform that provides a detailed description of health systems and provides up to date information on reforms and changes that are particularly policy relevant.

HSPM Network members:

  • Have a strong track record in health systems and services, public health and health management.
  • Produce independent and high level research as demonstrated through publication.
  • Define policy makers as the target audience for their research.
  • Have a solid and prestigious reputation both at national and international level.
  • Have extensive and well established national networks in the health field.
  • Have experience in managing international projects and producing international publications.
  • Have a track record of successful collaboration with the Observatory and Bertelsmann Stiftung, particularly on country monitoring.

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By selecting a country you will access a dedicated page that provides systematic descriptions of its health system and features up-to-date information on ongoing health reforms and policies.

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