Session 1 - Health Insurance
Generosity of Health Insurance Coverage and Intensive and Extensive Margin Effects on Utilization
Zaresani Arezou (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Joint treatment and health insurance decision: a theoretical and experimental investigation
Doriane Mignon (Paris-Dauphine, France)

Persistent effects of temporary incentives: Evidence from a nationwide health insurance experiment
Owen O'Donnell (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Session 2 - Elderly care
Does an increase in formal care affect informal care? Evidence among the French elderly
Quitterie Roquebert (Université de Strasbourg, France)

Do co-payments affect nursing home entry? An assessment based on Dutch administrative data
Marianne Tenand (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Session 3 - Provider behaviour
How Well Do Doctors Know Their Patients? Evidence from a Mandatory Access Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
Tom Buchmueller (Michigan, USA)

Do financial or prosocial incentives reduce over-treatment? Evidence from South Africa
Mylene Lagarde (LSE, UK)

Session 4 - Health and work
Work activities and dementia
Nicolau Martin Bassols (Center for Health Economics Monash University, Australia)

Decomposing Employment Trends of Disabled Workers
Heike Vethaak (Leiden University, Netherlands)

The effect of long-term unemployment subsidies on middle-age workers health
Manuel Serrano-Alarcon (Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal)

Session 5 – Healthcare organisation
The Best of Both Worlds? The Economic Effects of a Hybrid Fee-For-Service and Prospective Payment Reimbursement System
Rong Fu (Waseda University, Japon)

Is greater integration associated with larger reductions in unplanned hospital admissions? An analysis of new care models in England
David Lugo-Palacios (Imperial College London, UK)

Session 6 - Health and health behaviour
Impact of Choice Set on Tobacco Consumption
Ying Yao (Hitotsubashi University, Japon)

Racial health disparities: the role of differential reporting error
Anna Choi (Pepperdine University, USA)