Paris, June 24th-25th, 2010


24 June 2010

Session 1 - Insurance 1 - Chair: Thierry Debrand

What if Everybody Had a Choice? Using Hypothetical Choice Experiments to Analyze the Demand for Private Health Insurance

Iris Kesternich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität)

Comments by Marc Perronnin

An Experimental Investigation of the Demand for Private Insurance and of Health Systems Outcomes under a Mixed System of Public and Private Finance

Neil J. Buckley (Department of Economics, York University), David Cameron (Department of Economics, McMaster University 3), Katherine Cuff (Department of Economics, McMaster University 3), Jeremiah Hurley (Department of Economics, McMaster University; Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis, McMaster University), Logan McLeod (Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Alberta), Stuart Mestelman (Department of Economics, McMaster University)

Comments by Terence Chai Cheng

Session 2 - Hospital - Chair: Jeremiah Hurley

The Influence of Social Deprivation on Length of Hospitalisation

Engin Yilmaz (Drees), Denis Raynaud (Drees)

Comments by Alberto Holly

Comparing Productivity in French Public and Private Hospitals

Brigitte Dormont (Université Paris-Dauphine), Carine Milcent (Paris School of Economics)

Comments by Matteo Lippi Bruni

Session 3 - Insurance 2 - Chair: Marc Perronnin

The Deductible in Health Insurance: Do the Insured Make a Choice Based on the Arguments as Intended by the Policy Makers?

Hans van Ophem (University of Amsterdam), Peter Berkhout (EIB Amsterdam)

Comments by Renaud Legal

Out-of-Pocket Maximum Rules under a Compulsory Health Care Insurance: A Choice between Equality and Equity?

Thierry Debrand (Irdes), Christine Sorasith (Irdes)

Comments by Tom van Ourti

Session 4 - Social Health Inequalities 1 - Chair: Jérôme Wittwer

Broke, İll, and Obese: The Causal Effect of Household Debts on Health

Matthias Keese (Ruhr Graduate School in Economics, University of Duisburg-Essen), Hendrik Schmitz (RWI Essen and Ruhr Graduate School in Economics)

Comments by Grace Lordan

Smoking Ban on Workplace: What Impact on Smokers? Insights from French 2007 Reform

Clément de Chaisemartin (Paris School of Economics), Pierre-Yves Geoffard (Paris School of Economics)

Comments by Robert Sparrow

25 June 2010

Session 1 - Insurance 3 - Chair: Brigitte Dormont

Income and the Demand for Complementary Health Insurance in France

Michel Grignon (McMaster University), Bidénam Kambia-Chopin

Comments by Iris Kesternich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität)

Demand for Hospital Care and Private Health Insurance in a Mixed Public-Private System: Empirical Evidence Using a Simultaneous Equation Modeling Approach

Terence Chai Cheng (University of Melbourne), Farshid Vahid (Australian National University)

Comments by Hans van Ophem

Session 2 - Social Health Inequalities 2 - Chair: Hans van Ophem

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who in this Land Is Fairest of All? Revisiting the Extended Concentration Index

Guido Erreygers (University of Antwerp), Philip Clarke (University of Sydney), Tom Van Ourti (Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Comments by Clément de Chaisemartin

Statistical Discrimination in Primary Care: Patient – Physician Interaction and Equity in Health

Paul Dourgnon (Irdes), Anissa Afrite (Irdes)

Session 3 - Organization and public spending - Chair: Alberto Holly

Marginal Benefit Incidence of Public Health Spending: Evidence from Indonesian Sub-National Data

Ioana Kruse (Johns Hopkins University), Menno Pradhan (VU University Amsterdam), Robert Sparrow (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

The role of GP's Compensation Schemes in Diabetes Care: Evidence from Panel Data

Elisa Iezzi (University of Bologna), Matteo Lippi Bruni (University of Bologna and CHILD), Cristina Ugolini (University of Bologna and CHILD)

Session 4 - Social Health Inequalities 3 - Chair: Paul Dourgnon

Bargaining, Gender and the Intra-Household Allocation of Healthcare

Grace Lordan (University of Queensland), Richard Brown (University of Queensland), Eliana Jimenez Soto (University of Queensland), William H. Greene (New York University)

Comments by Matthias Keese

Health Disparities between French and Immigrant Population: A Oaxaca Decomposition Analysis

Caroline Berchet (Université Paris-Dauphine), Florence Jusot (Université Paris-Dauphine, Irdes)

Comments by Michel Grignon