What is your health status?

What chronic disease do you have?

What kind of health care do you use?

Do you have a complementary health insurance?

To answer these questions, the Directorate for Research, Studies, Assessment and Statistics (DREES, French Ministry of Health) and the Institute for Research and Information in Health Economics (IRDES) are conducting a major statistical survey on the French people’s health from 9 April to 8 July 2019 and from early September to mid-December 2019.

Objectives of the survey

Conducted every six years in all European Union countries, this survey makes it possible to measure changes in the health status of populations and its determinants, or the use of healthcare. It also helps to position France in Europe with regard to major health indicators. In addition, it sheds light on issues specific to the French health insurance system or the non-use of healthcare.

Nearly 20,000 people interviewed

The survey is conducted on a sample of approximately 20,000 people. If you have been selected by lot, an interviewer from the Kantar Sofres company will call you or come to your home to interview you. In the latter case, he will be provided with an official accreditation card. The answers you provide will be strictly confidential. They are only used to compile statistics.

The sample was randomly drawn from administrative files of the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE). You will only be interviewed once, either between April and July 2019 or between September and December 2019.

Themes of the questionnaire

  • Health status: perceived health status, chronic diseases, accidents, sick leave, sensory and functional limitations, mental health
  • Health care use: hospitalizations, consultations with doctors and other health professionals, consumption of medicines, medical examinations, use of preventive devices, unmet care needs
  • Determinants of health: height and weight, fruit and vegetable consumption, physical activity, tobacco and alcohol consumption
  • Socio-economic situation: gender, age, household type, level of education, occupational situation, origins
  • Complementary health insurance
  • Housing conditions
  • The links between indoor air pollution and health
  • Geographical origins
  • Health literacy, that is the ability to understand, evaluate and use information to make decisions about one's health

Internet pages dedicated to the survey

Legal information about the survey

In accordance with Law n° 51-711 of 7 June 1951 as amended, the replies to this survey are mandatory and are protected by statistical confidentiality.

The information collected in the survey will be supplemented by your consumption of ambulatory and hospital care available from the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM). As with your survey responses, they will be treated confidentially. If you wish to object to this data reconciliation, you can contact the déléguée à la protection des données (DPO) of GIP Irdes.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the persons surveyed have a right of access and rectification in respect of their personal data at the following address: