Paris, June 23rd-24th, 2011


23 June 2011

Session 1 - Insurance and Health - Chair : Brigitte Dormont

The effect of Medicaid on Children's Health: a Regression Discontinuity Approach

Dolores de la Mata (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

Public and Private Health Insurance in Germany: The Ignored Risk Selection Problem

Martina Grunow (University of Augsburg), Robert Nuscheler (University of Augsburg)

Session 2 - Labour Force Participation and Health - Chair : Florence Jusot

Disability and Multi-State Labour Force Choices with State Dependence

Umut Oguzoglu (University of Manitoba)

Sick Leaves: Understanding Disparities between Departments

Mohamed-Ali Ben-Halima (Irdes), Thierry Debrand (Irdes), Camille Regaert (Irdes)

Session 3 - Economics of General Practice - Chair : Tor Iversen

The determinants of physicians' Choices for Location: A Discrete Choice Analysis for French General Practitioners

Eric Delattre (ENSAI and CREST-LSM), Anne-Laure Samson (LEDa-LEGOS, Université Paris-Dauphine)

Small is Beautiful or Bigger is Better? An Assessment of French Experiment of a New Mechanism of Remuneration for Multidisciplinary Group Practices in Primary Care

Julien Mousquès (Irdes), Anissa Afrite (Irdes), Yann Bourgueil (Irdes), Pierre-Emmanuel Couralet

Session 4 - Nutrition and Public Policies - Chair : Hugh Gravelle

Strategic pricing and health price policies

Céline Bonnet (INRA), Vincent Requillart (INRA) averetts@lafayette.edu

Mandatory Labelling vs. Fat Tax: Evidence from the French ‘Fromage Blanc' and Yogurt Market

Olivier Allais (INRA-ALISS), Fabrice Etilé (INRA-ALISS and Paris School of Economics), Sébastien Lecocq (INRA-ALISS)

24 June 2011

Session 1 - Insurance Choice - Chair : Thomas Buchmueller

Affordability of Complementary Health Insurance in France: A Social Experiment

Sophie Guthmuller (LEDa-LEGOS, Université Paris-Dauphine), Florence Jusot (LEDa-LEGOS, Université Paris-Dauphine, Irdes), Jérôme Wittwer (LEDa-LEGOS, Université Paris-Dauphine)

Preference Heterogeneity and Selection in Private Health Insurance: The Case of Australia

Thomas Buchmueller (University of Michigan), Denzil Fiebig (University of New South Wales), Glenn Jones (Macquarie University), Elizabeth Savage (University of Technology, Sydney)

Session 2 - Education and Health - Chair : Paul Dourgnon

Long-Term Impact of Health and Nutrition Status on Education Outcomes for Children in Rural Tanzania

Lucia Luzi (UNICEF IRC)

Mediating Role of Education and Lifestyles in the Relationship between Childhood Conditions and Health: Evidence from the 1958 British Cohort

Sandy Tubeuf (University of Leeds), Florence Jusot (LEDa-LEGOS, University Paris-Dauphine, Irdes), Damien Bricard (University Paris-Dauphine)

Session 3 - Social Determinants of Health - Chair : Julien Mousquès

Mental Health and Economic Conditions: How do Economic Fluctuations Influence Mental Health?

Mariya Melnychuk (University of Alicante)

The Effects of EITC Payment Expansion on Maternal Smoking

Suzan Averett (Lafayette College), Yang Wang (Lafayette College)