EHPG European Health Policy Group Spring Meeting, 2019
Health and care in the age of digitalisation

Advanced School for Health Policy, University of Bologna
Thursday 11th April - Friday 12th April 2019


The meeting will take place at
Società Medica Chirurgica di Bologna,
Palazzo dell'Archiginnasio,
Piazza Galvani 1,
40124 Bologna


Thursday 11 April 2019

12.00 pm

Registration and lunch

1.00 pm

Welcome and introduction by Prof. Cristina Ugolini and Prof. Lippi Bruni (Advanced School for Health Policy, University of Bologna)


Chair: Zeynep Or (IRDES, Paris)

1.15 pm

Paper 1 - Electronic Health Records policies and access by citizens in seven EU countries - a comparative analysis
Authors: D. Brito, A.B. Nunes, S. Lima et colleugues (Lisbon)
Discussant: Joe White (Case Western University, Cleveland)

2.00 pm

Paper 2 - Artificial intelligence in health and care: policy issues and the responses in the US and UK
Authors: M. Honeyman (King's Fund, London)
Discussant: Veronika Thiel (Algorithmwatch, Berlin)

2.45 pm

Refreshment break

Chair: Lippi Bruni (Advanced School for Health Policy, University of Bologna)

3.15 pm

Paper 3 - Governing by numbers. Identifying ways in which actors in Sweden and the Netherlands care for performance metrics in healthcare governance
Authors: I. Wallenburg, M. Bruyne, R. Bal (Erasmus University)
Discussant: Ruth Robertson (King's Fund, London)

4.00 pm

Paper 4 - How to incorporate patient feedback into service improvement activities? The Italian experience of digital collection and real-time reporting of PREMS data
Authors: S. De Rosis, D. Cerasuolo, S. Nuti (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa)
Discussant: Iris Wallenbourg (Erasmus University)

5.00 pm

Lecture by Prof Derrick de Kerckhove

6.00 pm


7.30 pm

Dinner at Camera con Vista

Friday 12 April 2019

9.00 am

Arrival and refreshments


Chair: Valentine Di Gregori (Gvm Care and Research)

9.30 am

Paper 5 - NASSS-CAT: a theory-informed and practice-focused tool for supporting the spread and scale-up of technology projects in health and social care
Authors: T. Greenhalgh, C. Papoutsi, J. Wherton, A. Rushforth, S. Shaw (University of Oxford)
Discussant: Roland Ball (Erasmus University)

10.15 am

Paper 6 - Mobile health apps' performance in chronic diseases: a systematic review to develop a performance multidimensional framework
Authors: O. Ciani, M. Cucciniello, F. Petracca, R. Tarricone (Cergas, Bocconi, Milan)
Discussant: Agnes Lubloy, Stockholm School of Econonomics in Riga (Riga, Latvia)

11.00 am

Refreshment break

Chair: Stefanie Ettelt (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)

11.30 am

Paper 7 - E-healthcare use: evidence from the 2016 European Quality of Life Survey
Authors: Hans Dubois (Eurofound)
Discussant: Paul Batchelor (UCL, London)

12.30 pm

Business meeting

1.00 pm

Close and lunch