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Responsable scientifique : Or Z. Équipe scientifique : Bourgueil Y., Combes J.-B., Le Guen N., Le Neindre C., Penneau A.
Ouvrage Irdes n° 1, 2015/06, 126 pages. Prix : 39 €.

Hospital staffing and local pay: an investigation into the impact of local variations in the competitiveness of nurses' pay on the staffing of hospitals in France.
Combes J.-B., Delattre E., Elliott B., Skåtun D., The European Journal of Health Economics, en ligne, 2014/09, 1-18.
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Equalisation of Alcohol Participation Among Socioeconomic Groups over Time: An Analysis Based on the Total Differential Approach and Longitudinal Data from Sweden.
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Young Smokers' Adaptation to Higher Cigarette Prices: How Did Those Daily Smokers Who Did Not Quit React? the Case of Students of South-Eastern France.
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Les médecins généralistes face aux réformes : les réactions du panel de médecins libéraux de la région PACA.
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Pratiques des médecins généralistes en matière de prévention : les enseignements d'un panel de médecins généralistes en Provence - Alpes - Côte d'Azur.
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Hospital Skill-Mix: the Role of Competitiveness of Pay in Skill-Mix Variations in England.
Combes J.-B., Elliott R.-F., Skåtun D. Soumis à Economics Bulletin.

Hospital Staff Shortage: the Role of the Competitiveness of Pay of Different Groups of Staff on Staff Shortage in England.
Combes J.-B., Elliott R.-F., Skåtun D.

Is the use of agency staff the consequence of local labour market conditions? Does it have consequences on outcomes?
Combes J.-B., Skåtun D.