What Consequences of the Covid-19 Pandemic and Lockdown Policies on Undocumented Immigrants in France?

Marsaudon A. (IRDES), Dourgnon P. (IRDES), Jusot F. (Paris-Dauphine University, PSL, Leda-Legos, IRDES), Wittwer J. (Bordeaux University, INSERM U1219, EMOS Team)

Questions d'économie de la santé (Issues in Health Economics) n° 253 - December 2020

QES n° 253

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, France is going through a health, economic, and social crisis unprecedented in recent history (…). Initial studies attest to the detrimental effects of the pandemic and the lockdown episodes on public health, the use of healthcare services, and the economic situation of the French population. Although the consequences of the crisis have had an impact on the entire French population, certain social groups have been impacted to a greater extent. Given their social position and their working and living conditions, foreigners seem to be particularly vulnerable.
Based on data from the "Premiers Pas" survey, carried out in 2019, which focused on undocumented immigrants and from some of the organisations that assist them, this study highlights the risks faced by undocumented immigrants because of the pandemic and the lockdowns policies.

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